Wednesday Round Up

Hello all! I have been rather silent lately, and for that I will apologize.

I was originally going to wait to post again until next week, but something remarkable happened. Moon Knight. So I decided that I would take the time before work to address the high’s and lows of last weeks comics, before I dive into my stack for this week (Batgirl, Royals, and Hawkeye!)

Moon Knight #1: This book makes me want to do a proper review, so I will be posting one about that shortly. I will attach the link here once it is completed.

Magneto #1: This book was different than I expected, as the internal dialogue of the character emphasized what I like about villains. Instead of getting a long monologue with stereotypical villainous schemes, we find Magneto contemplating himself and his past actions as he hunts down a killer who target mutants. This reflection on who he is and admission that he is a bad guy, was well worth the read.

Green Arrow #29: Much like Batman and Two-Face #28 went under the radar, I think this book will too. The ending of Batman and went largely unnoticed, even though it saw the demise of Two-Face. This book too has a shocking ending, as an arrow glides smoothly through Ollie’s face, leaving him dead on the ground. Granted this is a comic, and dead isn’t dead, the last scene is rather startling. This book did have one major flaw, in my mind. Diggle. This book forces the character down our throat in an attempt to have some semblance of continuity with the Arrow television show. I for one prefer my two separate. TV and film are where comic characters go to die, and having a stellar book like Green Arrow feel like it needs to stoop down and attract the audience of a shitty television show is disgusting.

Arkham War #6: Much like Green Arrow, I was disappointed by the conclusion to what was one of the best Forever Evil tie ins. Instead of having the final scene with Bane taking control of the city, I found myself distracted by this.

Really? It’s been almost two years since the film debuted, yet someone at DC decided now was a time to incorporate Bane’s Dark Knight Rises jacket? I’m not even sure what he said for the last two pages as I was appalled that Bane was doing his best Tom Hardy impression. What could have been a dramatic and important conclusion just turned into a distracting reminder of what I dislike.

Earth Two #29: While I have sung the praises of Tom Taylor early in his run, I am beginning to grow weary of this book every month. For three issues now, nothing has happened. More people die, while the plot isn’t significantly advanced. Early on we saw the death of Green Lantern, Doctor Fate is not legitimately crazy, the Atom is either armless or dead, and the list of casualties continues to grow. It’s not as if I dislike bad things happening in my comics, but the overwhelming amount of bad has gotten difficult to read.

That concludes my thoughts for some of the talking points from last week. I will post my review of Moon Knight #1 shortly for your reading pleasure.

Until the next time,



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Round Up

  1. This is the first time I heard something good about Arkham War but I haven’t read it myself so I can’t rate it myself. I’m more of a Flash fan, so I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Rogues Rebellion. The book shows Buccellato has grown as a writer and I will miss him being on Flash.

    • Rogues Rebellion has been sensational, and the best of the tie ins thus far. The politics behind Arkham War have been thrilling, it wasn’t until 5 and 6 did the novelty of the concept wear off. Argus was meh all the way through.

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