About Ravingnerd

Entry #3!

“It’s only my opinion, but it’s right.”

I am Ravingnerd. I am the greatest nerd in the multi-verse!

I am an independent blogger, writer, reader, and all around nerd about town.
Aside from my fabulous blog you see here, you can catch me on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr (@Ravingnerd).

Finally, if you decide my skills are specially suited for your needs, I contract, freelance, and guest with anyone who asks.

8 thoughts on “About Ravingnerd

  1. November DC Solicit opinions from my three year old daughter, except for Sword of Sorcery ang Batgirl. Those two came from my five year old son.
    Sword of Sorcery #2: Amethyst is choosing Blood! She’s going to turn bad!
    Justice League Dark #14: Amethyst is in trouble! There’re monsters everywhere.
    Detective Comics #14: She’s (Poison Ivy) pretty! She must be a bad guy because Batman is tied up, he fought her.
    Birds of Prey #14: He’s going to destroy the world and Canary is going to scream at him and stop him.
    Batgirl #14: It’s the Joker. He gave her a heart but stabbed her with his knife sword then took the heart away. (Me: what do you think of the teeth?) Those are toys.
    Action Comics #14: I don’t like it. (Why?) I don’t know, I don’t like it. (Is it the angels?) No. Superman is too skinny, that’s why I don’t like it.
    Supergirl #14: Superboy is being turned bad by the bad guy and Supergirl is going to stop him.
    Superman #14: (You still think Supergirl stopped him?) Yes. (Even though she’s on that light pole?) Yes. (You just like Supergirl the best, no matter what?) Yes.

    I tried to ask her about Catwoman #14… but she just didn’t seem impressed.

  2. Hey Ravingnerd,
    Thank you so much for posting a review of Legend of the Shadow Clan #1! Shoot me an email if you’re interested in getting advanced review pdfs/previews/press releases from us (Aspen Comics) in the future.


    • Dear India,

      First off, that’s an awesome name. Secondly, glad you enjoyed the review, and I look forward to reading more from you all!

    • Why thank you! I’m honored that you think this much of me and my blog, and look forward to sharing not only information about myself but other bloggers I look up too!

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