The Old 52

With the most recent announcement that 4 original DC titles are getting the ax (Superboy, Birds of Prey, Batwing, and All-Star Western) in August, the remains of the “New” 52 are all but gone. Of all the books DC publishes now, only 21 original titles remain. That’s less than half of the books that were launched. While their are exceptions (Suicide Squad and Teen Titans are getting relaunched, JLI was scrubbed for story purposes, etc) it is still rather alarming to think that the original New 52 has dwindled this far. While DC has added solid replacements such as Earth 2 and Harley Quinn, those serve as the exceptions to DC’s line. The ongoing series’ and the once that have survived are the 21 I have noted above. Of all the books launched to replace books, very few of them exist. Of the Second Wave only Earth 2 survives, with Worlds Finest now joining Batman Inc, Dial H, The Ravagers, and GI Combat. Of the Third Wave, we Phantom Stranger is joining Talon, Sword of Sorcery, and Team 7. The next few launched were JLA and Katana, also now gone.

While I will give DC credit for trying new things, with only 23 books on the shelf that have proved to be tried and true, a problem has emerged. Only time can tell if some of DC’s more recent gambits such as JLU, Infinity Man, Constantine, JL 300, and the Superman-Batman/Wonder Woman books will test as well as Earth 2 and Harley Quinn have thus far. To truly succeed and gain back market share, DC is going to need to be bold, but also smart. I posted previously how I felt Marvel’s Hawkeye strategy was effective, and should be emulated. DC needs some help adding titles that can survive in the long run. And with characters like Cyborg, Captain Marvel, and even Lex Luthor gaining increased popularity, DC has the characters to do it. Once again, I’m all for them trying new and bold things, but they need to balance that with books that can and will sell. I may not know exactly what those books look like, but I’m pretty sure all of us out there have many ideas that DC could utilize. For that we’ll have to wait and see what we get to replace these books come October.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What do you think DC has done right and how do you think they could improve for the future?

Until the next time, Rn


Review the 52.2- Worlds’ Finest #1

Well, as many of you may know I dropped the ball on this one, it’s been out for almost a month and I haven’t touched it until now. I honestly wasn’t excited about this series. I think it fell 5th out of the 6 Second Wave titles on my list. The first and second items on the list (Earth 2 and Batman Inc.) were absolutely brilliant, which elevated my interests in this particular issue. Despite this, my feministic hatred (I tend to be a bit of a feminist when it comes to female comic book characters) of Power Girl kept me at bay. It wasn’t until my poll “Best of the New 52” revealed that it was much loved by all. In fact, as unlikely as it was, it claimed enough votes to be comfortably seated at 3rd. After just one issue. So I bought it, and here is what I liked:

1. Helena Wayne rocks. I love the idea of Batman and Catwoman having a kick as grown up daughter.
2. The references to Michael Holt. Despite the fact no one read his series, I love his character.
3. Karen Starr (Power Girl) has a purpose in this universe. She actively owns and operates STAR Labs. No small task.
4. Power Girl’s new  costume. NO MORE BOOB FLAP!!!!!
5. It’s set in Japan. And I have a huge bias towards Japanese things. If it has something Japanese (even the country) I will automatically believe that it rocks.

Rating before reading: 3

Rating after reading: 7

Wow. This comic was solid. All of my fears were invalid, and all of my hopes were answered. This comic felt good. The art was beautiful and vibrant, the plot line flowed perfectly, easily blending flash backs with reality, and the characters were fresh and exciting. This comic felt like a buddy cop film. Power Girl as the impulsive power house with a tendency for violence and Huntress as the cool cop. It just fits. If this continues in the second issue, I will have to seriously consider adding it to my pull list. I wanted to hate it, but I can’t help but say good things about it. My one complain would be that they erased Helena Bertenelli completely from existence in favor of Earth 2’s Huntress, meaning that the primary earth has no Huntress. This fact is depressing as Helena was a solid character.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.