Civ 6 Rise and Fall: Scotland Playthrough Pt 1


Hi there everyone. I will admit this is not the account of my first foray into Rise and Fall. I launched a game just after the expansion dropped. Unfortunately, I was unable to play for several months. Mostly due to work and trying to get the several Fantasy Baseball league’s I’m in up and running. Finally I was able to sit down and put some time into playing the game. I will be reporting on all upcoming Civ 6 games in terms of era’s. So this post will focus on the Ancient Era, and so on. So let’s get to it.

First, the set up. As the title suggests, I am playing Scotland which I previewed months ago. Finally, I decided to play on one of the new maps, TSL Europe. This not only makes Europe much larger, but gave me some extra land mass before bumping into England, which was vital. I am playing on Prince as I am still a novice to all the mechanics that this game has going on. Plus it has been so long since I have gotten a chance to play. TSLE comes set with a standard list of 8 civs, all of which based out of Europe. To add a little extra difficulty, I made sure that one of them was England.

So lets get to it. My first city of Stirling is towards the Northern end of the England land mass. As was expected. I churned out a slinger before moving on to a builder to start the game. I then met England, and was determined to take her out before the era was up. After that, I developed another Warrior and another Slinger. I then turned right around into a Settler. I then settled Haddington on the central coast of the landmass. This ensured that I choked England off from a meaningful settlement. I then locked into another Warrior in that city, while plotting another builder in Stirling. Finally after Archery was discovered. I upgraded the southern most slinger into an Archer, while saving my money and not developing the other one. It hung out up North and dealt with an English Scout and Slinger.

England fell fairly swiftly. I moved both warriors past the river to avoid a combat penalty. While my archer remained north of it to act as an extra defense. The archer took shots at the city while my warriors took turns attacking the city and healing. My goal was to pre-occupy Victoria while my other warrior finished. Once done, it moved south and finished the job. Not only was it fully healed, but it moved in and secured a siege. This prevented London from healing. The next turn the warrior was able to move in and secure the capture. Victoria was no ore. Score one for Scotland. The English continent was under Scottish control in 2500 BC. I then set developing my infrastructure.

Dead Victoria

Thanks to a recently captured London, I founded a Pantheon in the English Holy Site. I chose City Patron Goddess. This would increase production on my first Districts built in each city. I had this planned out to help me boost era score the next age. I recruited Liang the Surveyor as governor of Haddington. I had my eyes on getting a fishery, which would help with food production drastically. I also recruited Reyna the Financier to make London my financial hub. I also built the Hanging Gardens in 1700 BC

That was it. I failed to make a Golden Age, but I did manage 18 of of 22 towards a Golden Age. This put me firmly in a normal age and within striking distance of a Golden Age the next era. I chose Monumentality, to give me era score per District built. Now that London was mine, that would be my next focus. With a booming population in Stirling, it would be easy to do. The era ended at 1220 BC. And as planned, I had a Campus in Stirling and Haddngton close to finishing at the time the age passed. Just before the end of the era I met both Spain and France. Meaning half of the Civilizations had been discovered.

Pretty eventful as far as Ancient era’s go. I am normally a very passive player, but I refused to allow London to develop any more. And spawning on such a tiny landmass, it was vital that I take Victoria out. My basic plan was to move to Ireland next. Given the updated size for the map, I expect two cities can co-habitate there really well. Look for part two in the next few days.


Civilization 6 First Look: India


We have most of the Civilizations announced that are coming out with the Rise and Fall expansion for Civilization 6. The next leader I will discuss, is another leader for an existing Civ. Chandragupta will also lead India with the new expansion, and he does things quite a bit differently from Gandhi. You can read about Korea, The Dutch, and Mongolia by clicking the links. Click this link to see the announcement video.

As an additional leader, he will still get India’s Dharma ability. Which states that India gets the follower belief of any religion with at least one follower present in their cities.. This means that India welcomes other religions, just not too much of them. This helps a normally passive India expand their religion and all around be friendlier to everyone else. For Chandragupta it is just a benefit to the grand conquests he will want to undergo. He will use India’s Varu unique unit to do so. The Varu replaces the Horseman. It has higher strength at 40 at the cost of half the movement at 2. Not only are they powerful, but they inflict a -5 strength on adjacent enemy units. Something that stacks for each adjacent Varu. He can use India’s Stepwell to help his conquered cities grow.

Chandragupta’s leader ability is Arthashastra which is dependent on unlocking the Military Training Civic. Once unlocked, you can declare a War of Territorial Expansion. Once Chandragupta does so his units will get 2 additional movement and a combat bonus during the first 10 turns after it is declared. This will help the Varu led army to quickly pounce on neighboring civilizations.

Chandragupta allows you to play India far more aggressively than you ever have been. With one leader ability, you have turned a passive and religious nation into a domination master. Chandragupta will flourish on most map types, being hindered only by maps heavy on islands and mountains. TSL Maps will pose an interesting challenge for India. They have China to the East, Khmer to the Southeast, Persia to the West, Scythia to the Northwest, and Mongolia to the Northeast. Gandhi was always adept at staving off China, but they should be able to easily neutralized now. Persia should also have their fair share of problems with India now as well. The Khmer are well suited as they will be in on the religious game and likely provide your empire with much beneficial follower beliefs. Then they should be quickly crushed. Mongolia and Scythia all field faster ranged armies. They all poise problems but Chandragupta’s unique ability will help them stabilize against them.

There are only 2 more unannounced Civ’s, as the Cree and Georgia are both making their first appearances to the franchise with the expansion. Keep a look out for their first looks soon.

Tales From Civ 6: South Asia TSL Part 2


I set out where I left off, trying to win a Culture victory and prevent China from securing the Culture and Science victory that they were hurtling towards. You can read part 1 here.

I picked up the game in 1585, less than a decade later my coalition with the Khmer, Scythia, and Japan fell apart. I was able to secure Hojo’s favor, and convince him to send his forces to attack China’s Eastern front. I mustered my newly minted Bombards and Musket Men and marched south. It would be known as the 70 years war, and neither Hojo nor I was able to accomplish much of anything during that time. My war angered Gandhi and decimated Japan’s forces. After peace was declared, I began covert operations in an attempt to steal Cultural artifacts away from China.

This was initially successful as I was able to get away with both Frankenstein and the Mona Lisa. This attracted the attention of the other world leaders, who were quick to offer me all sorts of treasures for these cultural works. I rejected the proposals as I attempted to change the Cultural tide in my favor, sadly I was unable to make a dent on China’s Culture output. I knew there was only one way I could win the game. I would have to eliminate China. In 1740 I marched my troops across the border and laid siege against China’s southern most city. My good friend Hojo had no army to muster, and I was in the conflict alone. My initial siege went well, and my Bombards were able to destroy the cities defenses as my Musket men hunkered down for the siege. I was initially hopeful that my siege could force Qin Shi Huang to come to a peace agreement.

Instead the opposite happened. Marching from the north were several units of Rocket Infantry. How Emperor Huang had this technology in the 1820’s while the rest of the world was so far behind, was a frightening sight. From the West came a unit of Gatling Gun’s. Within moments my army was torn asunder. I was able to capture the city I was laying siege too, and as it turns out, it was originally founded by the Khmer. I gladly gave it back to them. This was to appease Gandhi and create a buffer between myself and China. Despite this maneuver my army was scattered and easily destroyed by China’s awesome fire power. Peace finally came in 1845 and by then it was clear. China has rebuilt its military and with more tech and might than I could I muster. With a cultural victory imminent, it was clear. I had failed to lead Indonesia to victory. Within a few turns Qin Shi Huang would unite the world with his superior culture and my empire would only be a footnote in history.

civ 6 china

Curse you and your pretty buildings!

Notes about the Map:

South Asia TSL is a very challenging map. China, Khmer, and Japan all have clear advantages as they start real close to the middle of the map.

Indonesia is fantastic. Despite my loss, I experimented with the different ways I can build cities. I was able to build several cities to 8 or more population with just 1 or 2 pieces of land. The Kampung’s are awesome. They provide you with so much utility and allow you to build in normally unattainable places. I look forward to playing Indonesia again, and I hope that I can lead them to victory in a different setting. Maybe one where China doesn’t fire Bazooka’s at me in the 19th century.

Until the next time!

I also promise I have other content other than Civ stuff planned. Even if it doesn’t look like it.