Ravingnerd Reviews: Godzilla

I know I still have an Amazing Spider-Man Two review to do, but this is more recent and thus more pressing. I, like most people found myself incredibly excited for the reboot of Godzilla. I have long been a fan of monster movies, and watched my neighbors boxed set of the original films incessantly as a child. With the billed cast being solid, I had every expectation to thoroughly enjoy the film, as many have.

Yet I found that not to be the case. Instead of being enjoyed and entertained by the film, I was bewildered and put off by it instead. Where people laughed, I was confused and where people were in awe, I was lamenting. This movie did very little to help its own cause, instead the entire film just furthered it’s own dilemma. That of a lack of direction. This film did not fit into any genre. Their were monsters, but they were only really a backdrop in a grand struggle for humanities survival. With the exception, that this film failed to even do that. Rather than show the consequences, the film makes light of it. There is no point in the film where the impact of the massive carnage is ever felt. Instead we see it to the backdrop of Elvis in a casino, or a kid yelling dinosaur at a television screen. The film suffers from a miss match of feelings. When we are supposed to be frightened, the film has us laugh. The film is sending us mixed messages which I found quite jarring. The true genre for this film should have been comedy, as there were very few points in that film that were dramatic or dared to try to weigh the consequences of what was going on.

With the two best actors in the film (Cranston and Watanabe) being relegated to near bit parts so that we can focus on G.I. Generic trying to get back to his wife and child (never seen that one before). We were left with only the monsters to entertain us. Yet Godzilla, in typical fashion, was in the film for maybe 30 minutes. The two villainous EMP monsters were in it for longer, but were mired in a pool of unparalleled incompetence.

Upon leaving this film, I realized that every aspect of this film had been done better at points before. While Pacific Rim was not as well received as Godzilla and didn’t garner an insta-sequel, it was far more enjoyable. It hit all the notes the film was supposed to, as well as giving us more than ten minutes of monster fight scenes. Transformers followed a similar generic solider, but that also managed to deliver as a film. I have already drawn scorn for the parallel, but even the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers movie was more fulfilling in carnage, destruction, and monster fights than Godzilla was.

At the end of the day, Godzilla earns a 4 out of 10 on my books. Not nearly as solid as I had hoped and generally lacking a sense of consequence. 

Favorite part of the film: Laser breath.
Least favorite part of the film: Lieutenant Generic.

That’s all I have time for today, I hope this review finds you well and stay tune for a revamping of content like you’d never expect.

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