End of an Era


By the time this is posted, I will have read Action Comics 1000. However, by the time of writing this we are a day away. I have already voiced my opinions on Brian Michael Bendis and his unfortunate control over the entire Superman family. That said, as this new era for Superman begins I would like to look back at some of my favorite Superman stories of all time. I doubt that anything out of Bendis’ run comes close to challenging this list, but I might be surprised. I probably won’t. With that said, here we go.


All Star Superman

This book is quite literally the best Superman book ever published and can challenge for best comic of all time. The animated movie failed to hit the mark (mostly because they cut 6 chapters of the book out entirely. It also is incredibly hard to translate Frank Quietly’s art into film. That isn’t really any fault of the film. This book is a master piece, that can’t really get its message across outside of the comic. That makes this book all the better. Look I could spend all day writing about this book. I really could, but give it a read for yourself if you haven’t. If you have, maybe read it once more to remind yourself the standards Bendis has in front of him.

Action 775

Action Comics 775

The inspiration for Superman vs the Elite, a surprisingly good adaption of the story. This book answers the age old question, why shouldn’t Superman kill? While several decades old at this point, the book is still relevant today. Especially with the likes of Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice, and Justice League mucking up the collective conscious of the character. This book shows us what happens if Superman does cross that line. Needless to say, it isn’t a pretty picture. Unlike the films, this book does a 180 and shows that all of this was masterfully choreographed to show why Superman does what he does. Why he is what he is. This book brings about one of my favorite things about Superman. He is inspired by people. While the non powered society looks at him as the beacon of hope, he sees that beacon right back at us. That is why he protects us. And that is why he doesn’t cross that line. A truly beautiful story.


Superman Birthright

This book absolutely deserves to be in the running for best Superman story. It tops All Star as best on several of my friend’s list.  While this book is fantastic in its own right, it is what it does different that sets it apart from the rest. Much of the Superman mythos is defined by Jor El. It wasn’t until Birthright that Lara achieved the same level of reverence that Jor gets. Turning is mom from a spectator into a bad ass in her own right. Truly something that should have done decades ago.


The Final Days of Superman

A new entry onto the list, and one that has now been written out with the Superman Reborn plotline. This book came out at the right time. Just before Rebirth, Superman was made the most relevant he ever was during the New 52. He was plagued by bad writing, and inconsistent approaches. Yet Peter Tomasi knew what he wanted to do, and made a modern day All Star. Any story that has Superman die apparently has to be made into film, and an animated adaptation of this is on its way already. This story is full of heart, character, and emotion. After years of languishing as a character, Tomasi finally gave him his own voice and readied readers for better times to come. I am still sad to see him go. He is almost single handedly responsible for the multiple years of success.

Superman wallpaper

Kingdom Come

This story is famous for a lot of reasons. It ended the 90’s hyper extremism. It is another fabulous book by Mark Waid. It is impeccably crafted by Alex Ross. It also asks the question of what happens in a world with Superman. What happens if he just gives up. That answer is nothing good. This book explores Clark as he attempts to come to sense with the changing world. It demonstrates just what Superman means to the world, and manages to do so without killing him. I always point this book out to people who like an ‘edgier Superman’. This is as close as you get, and he still never once crosses the line. This book is just a masterpiece from top to bottom. Especially good, as it showcases an insane amount of DC’s pantheon of heroes.


What’s Next for Marvel?

It was announced earlier this week that Marvel would be doing a line wide relaunch starting in May. While Legacy just launched late Fall, the poor reviews and even poorer sales have driven Marvel to freshen things up. While little is known about it currently, I will discuss what we do know and what I hope comes out of the event. So first off things will start with Avengers #1/691. Marvel has bounced around between legacy numbering and new numbering, so now we have the best of both worlds. I am a fan of the idea. It will clearly mark what issue it is in the current series, while still pointing out the overall legacy of the title itself.

All Star Writer Jason Aaron will team up with Ed Mcguinness to bring the flagship Avengers book. The book will split time between the current Avengers roster (Captain America (Steve), Iron Man (Tony), Odinson, Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Black Panther, Captain Marvel, She Hulk, and Doctor Strange (in what is called a rotating spot). There are things to like and dislike about this team. First off, getting Marvel’s big three back together ahead of Infinity War. The downside is that they feel the need to incorporate the newest Ghost Rider. I guess they want to draw as many parallels between the current roster and Avengers BC which they will be splitting time covering. For anyone who missed it, Avengers BC is the first team up. With the Phoenix Entity, Odin, a brute with the Starbrand (which is telling, as it looks like the current Hulk will be getting it), an early Black Panther, and an early Ghost Rider. While I am all for getting the original gang back together, I am concerned about the recent efforts to include newer characters. The likes of Ironheart, appear to be missing, which is unfortunate. Only time will tell who all the core characters are and where the others may be going.

One thing I do like about the new initiative is that this will be the only Avengers book. Gone are the days of Avengers, Mighty, New, Secret, All New, etc. I believe it will help stream line the audience into one book and drive excellent demand for it, rather than split it up among a half a dozen teams. This should also help with event fatigue. As there will, hopefully, be less of a desire to do multi series crossovers. Something that has become a nuisance for modern comic readers. I am curious to see if this will impact the current X-mean line. As they currently have Weapon X, Blue, Gold, and Red. I expect not, as multiple X titles have been a staple since the 90’s.

This now brings us to upcoming projects. It had previously been announced that Dan Slott would take over the Iron Man title, and it would be expected that Aaron may step back from his long Thor run. I am expecting that these will be apart of it. That was part of what made Marvel Now so exciting back in 2012. It featured long time creators going to different books. Bendis went from Avengers to X-Men, Aaron to Thor, etc. I am curious to see what all they have planned. Though contrary to this Ta-Neihisi Coates will continue his Black Panther run, just with a change of direction and a new number.

Marvel’s new status quo will be quite the different one, and they will have to restructure having lost some of their key creators. Brian Michael Bendis, Jeff Lemire, John Romita Jr, Tom King, and several others have all signed exclusives with other companies and they will no longer be able to use their immense talents. That said, they have recruited what I believe to be the next generation of lead writers. Matthew Rosenberg and Donny Cates have recently gone full time with Marvel. And they join Charles Soule, Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Mark Waid an many more. I am excited to see books in new creators hands and at the idea of having Marvel books on the shelf that people can enjoy (and that I can sell).

Now for my personal wish list. This is in no way me trying to predict what will happen, just my personal wants. I don’t read much Marvel, but the concepts listed below would definitely peak my interest. First thing first. Restore the X-Men. I want Cyclops back, I want Madrox back, I want them all back. I like the idea of keeping the color coded teams. I just want a few tweaks to them. Give Cyclops Blue, Wolverine Gold, and Jean can keep Red. While my personal ship will always be Scott and Jean together, but if it means a happy (and well represented Scott, I can accept him and Emma). Next on my bucket list would be a Doom title. He has made enemies of Marvels underworld as of late, and I would like a book where he tries to regain street cred as a villain, in light of his more recent super heroics. Seeing Hank Pym somewhere and not fused with Ultron or being represented like a maniac would also be a welcome sight for me. Finally, I’d love a new Defenders team. In the wake of Bendis’ departure, I would love to see a drastically different team. I would like to see Moon Knight, Daredevil, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and Cloak and Dagger.

Long winded rant, but that’s what I do. What would you like to see from the new Marvel? What do you think of the changes and what would you like to see?

Top of the Stack

It’s Wednesday! That means new comic books are out. Last week saw a minimal amount of books as is common with a 5th Wednesday in a month. Today kicked off the December month in grand fashion. I will detail what I enjoyed this week.


Archie #26

Archie is the comic I look forward to most every month. In the turn of a page I can go from laughing to weeping. I cannot overstate my emotional attachment to this book enough. I am often left in tears. This issue was no different. Delivering a devastating punch at the end of the book, that no doubt will make me sob in a months time. Mark Waid is bolstered this arc by the wonderful art of Audrey Mok, whose interiors harken back to Veronica Fish’s excellent work in the second volume. I have long loved Mok’s work, and seeing her go from the equally outstanding Josie and the Pussycats book to Archie proper has been fantastic. I just regret that Archie Comics cancelled their Team Betty/Veronica shirts they solicited a year ago. I want my shirt! #TeamVeronica


Batman #36

I strayed away from Batman for quite some time in the New 52, the repetitive use of the Joker by Scott Snyder made me weary of the book and I never concluded the run, I was to overwhelmed. As Tom King took over as apart of Rebirth, I was skeptical. The first few volumes failed to grab my attention. However once he got to the I Am Bane arc, I was sold. Afterwords it has become clear that King has been seeding things he can draw on for several arcs to come. With wedding bells ringing in the distance it is time for Batman to get his affairs together. He first “talked” with Talia as we saw the rest of the Bat-Family react to the news. The new “Superfriends arc” will allow Tom King to play with the Superman family (that has been excellently written by Peter Tomasi) and how Clark reacts to the news. What ensues is one of the funniest Batman stories I have read in years. As both men struggle to express their feelings. It is familiar from Batman, but new to experience from Superman. However it was Lois and Selena who stole the show. Egging their respective paramours along, until the fun conclusion to the book. I hope the rest of this arc is as fun as it started. It’s always nice for a bit of levity in a Batman book.


Batman: White Knight #3

Sean Murphy has long been one of my favorite creators in the industry. When he announced this story, I was naturally very excited. To say this book has been exceptional so far would be an understatement. Outside of Tom Kings Mister Miracle series, I would say this is the greatest super hero book on the shelf. Batman is edgy and off kilter, while Dick and Babs struggle to understand his motives. I newly sane Joker (Jack) has set about ending the Batman’s destructive reign in Gotham. This issue continues with the twist from last months issue. Do not read on if you have not finished Batman: White Knight #2.

The two Harley Quinn reveal really blew my mind. Learning that the Original Harley Quinn had left Joker right around the time of the Jason Todd murder, and a newer, legitimately crazy woman slipped right in to play the roll. Murphy gets to make a jab at modern Harley in the process. Making the original costume Harley the real deal. She isn’t crazy, she is just crazy in love. The other woman is literally insane and in love with the idea of being crazy. Murphy effectively redeems the last 6 years of Harley Quinn. As a reader, I did not think that was possible. Seeing a bright, fun, intelligent, and not overly sexualized Harley has been a sight to see. I look forward to her involvement through the rest of the series. I had forgotten that Harley Quinn could be a redeemable character.

klaus hero (Custom)

Klaus: Crisis in Xmasville #1

Finally, let’s talk about Klaus. Grant Morrison is a genius. He always has been. In Klaus he satirizes hyper dark/violent style of the Dark Knight Returns. But with Santa. Since the series’ launch a year ago, it has had a one shot every December. This year is Crisis in Xmasville. Where a small town run by a corrupt soda company has kidnapped and brainwashed travelers into becoming an army of hypnotized evil santa’s. Enter Klaus, the real life Santa, who arrives to beat some sense into the villainous foes. The story is goofy, funny, and delightfully poignant. The art from Dan Mora is also a treat. If you haven’t seen his work before, it’s a must see. His panel design is top notch, and he perfectly blends the fun and grit that Morrison writes into the book.

Well these are my favorite books of the week, what did you enjoy?

Crossed Over

Today I learned that Mark Waid and Paul Smith would be working on a Rocketeer and Spirit crossover. This is notable not only for the creative team and the first time these two have interacted, but for being a collaboration between IDW and DC. This isn’t the first time this has happened (Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes), but does indicate that companies can make nice and work with each other. While a crossover between Marvel and DC is farfetched, there are other crossovers that could be had. So I’ve decided to outline the ten cross company crossovers I’d love to see.

10. Hellboy/The Marvel Universe- I was recently discussing with MoreFunTravis as to how well Hellboy would fit into the Marvel Universe. A high profile comic crossover between Dark Horse and Marvel would not only show how dynamic Hellboy would be within the Marvel Universe, but how well the Hellboy universe could mesh with Marvel. If you attached Mignola to the project, you’d have a recipe for one fun ride.

9. Rocketeer/ The Justice Society- If IDW and DC were to continue their collaborations, thrusting one of IDW’s biggest franchises into the arms of one of DC’s most loved teams would be a boon for both. If you used the classic Golden Age team of heroes, you’d have a period piece that could not only embrace the camp of Rocketeer, but the high flying heroics of the classic DC super team. What isn’t to love?

8. TMNT/Hellboy- While this crossover seems weird, both operate out of the dark, are feared and loathed by humanity, but manage to remain comically funny the entire time. Hellboy’s snark paired with that of Michelangelo’s absurdity would certainly make for some fun times, right?

7. X-O Mannowar/Iron Man- Two heroes who use powerful suits to do their job, check. Vastly different backgrounds and understanding of technology, check. Both as popular as ever, check. All of the above could lend to a very interesting and serious crossover between the relaunched Valiant’s flagship character and one of Marvel’s most recognizable faces. A Valiant/Marvel team up between these two would not only be fun, but  could help flesh out Valiant’s characters in a way that could never have been thought of before.

6. Harbinger/X-Men- Once things settle down between both houses of X-Men, an interaction between the 90’s two most iconic super team teenagers would be an interesting one. Of course both are drastically different now, but seeing each series interact with each other could lend some fun to both titles. Having the X-Men see a reflection of what they once were, and having the Renegades see what could arise form their conflict would be an interesting and intelligent way to not only increase characterization, but drive plots in both perspective universes for years to come.

5. Green Hornet/Batman- A rematch for the ages! The only time these characters have ever interacted before was a crossover between both television series’. Pitting them both against each other in the modern sense would not only be bad ass, but could easily homage the shows that have helped make each franchise as successful as it already is.

4. S.H.I.E.L.D/ G.I. Joe- With the new direction that G.I Joe is taking within the relaunch, and with the positive press being garnered by the new movie, having one of the most iconic soldier teams in popular culture pair with one of the most mysterious of teams would certainly be welcomed. Both operate with vastly different MO’s and the conflict between the teams trying to work together would be a hell of a lot of fun.

3. Daredevil/Black Bat- The new Dynamite ongoing series, which shows the origins for the character in the pages of Masks, Black Bat is prime for some attention. Having the character crossover with the other notable blind-but-not-blind hero in comics would not only be a great way to get the character bigger press, but would be fun to see how both characters interact with someone with similar powers.

2. Batman/The Shadow/Zorro- Pulp heroes clearly influenced Batman’s roots. Taking some of the real world inspirations for the character and making them interact in a modern setting would be extremely interesting to see. Batman and Zorro, Batman and The Shadow, or even Batman and the two of them interacting together would be a welcomed for fans of all the franchises.

1. Rocketeer/Masks- If even for one issue, if IDW and Dynamite could collaborate a guest appearance by the other big pulp hero of comics not owned by Dynamite it would be a force to be reckoned with. While Masks is doing a great job at taking a serious approach to a shared world of pulp heroes, the brief addition of Rocketeer would be a welcomed comic relief. Rocketeer would definitely serve as the Spider-Man or Plastic Man of the Masks team.

Anything on this list you’d like to see? Leave a comment and let me know!

Until the next time,


Ravingnerd Reviews: Green Hornet #1

I can not tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this title. The instant it was announced I knew it would be one I couldn’t afford to miss. It was a dream come true. My love of pulp heroes colliding with one of my favorite writers. Dynamite has definitely carved out a niche for me in their universe, as I am now able to read Shadow, Green Hornet, and Masks monthly. With Flash’s Buccellato hopping aboard their Black Bat launch, and a Miss Fury launch approaching I will most likely be spending a bit of time in the Dynamite end of the business.

Now let’s get back to Green Hornet, I’ll start by discussing what I liked.

1. The art. Daniel Indro rocks the art. The action feels very real, and the people are very full of life. While Dynamite has often had problems with artists falling short of the narrative’s Dynamite’s writing staff offers, this book serves as a pleasant exception.
2. Green Hornet is a bad guy. Well, no he’s not. But fans of the Green Hornet will know that he poses as an underworld boss/enforcer. Witch is in stark contrast to Kevin Smith’s take on the character, which has Britt’s son playing the hero. While that series has been exceptional through it’s run. It is nice to see this book return to its roots.
3. The Shadow was referenced. It is nice to know that Waid is adding to Dynamite’s slowly growing shared universe.
4. The issue is one and done. While it leaves off on a cliff hanger of sorts, this issue’s plot begins and ends within the issue. Which, to me, is a perfect way of introducing the character.
5. It was one part television show plus one part modern super hero narrative. There is nothing wrong with that combination.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 9

This issue blew me away. The art and story was dynamic, and exactly what a die hard pulp fan would want to see. The pure understanding of the character allows Waid to deliver an interpretation that feels pure and unchained, pleasing old fans while captivating new fans at the same time.

My one complaint would be the lack of focus or emphasis on Kato. He gets a little bit of time, but not near the time some of the other supporting characters can do. While I’m bugged by it, Kato is a naturally silent character. Thus him getting lost, is kinda what the character wants. He is a ninja.

So aside from that rather nitpicky complaint, this comic was pitch perfect and a stellar start to the series. This is a must read for any Green Hornet or pulp genre fan. Despite this, it is not exclusive. Any one interested in learning more about the character has all they need right here. The story is powerful and moving, and should easily be able to captivate anyone interested in it.

Until the next time,


Marvel VS DC Monday’s #3

Hello everyone! Time again for MoreFunTravis and I’s battle of wits to the very end, as weekly we try to persuade you the reader who had the big week in comics.

I, being the highest class of DC fans, will once again prove why DC is poised to make a three-peat victory over Marvel. While MoreFunTravis will attempt to prove that the disorganized mess of Marvel comics can make a legitimate threat.

The first week DC managed a 5-2 win over Marvel, followed by their walloping 7-1 victory over Marvel last week. It is up to you the reader to decide who wins by leaving a comment here, on the Ravingnerd Facebook page, or by replying to the Tweet that broadcasts this. Hell, ya’ can even Tumble it. With so many ways to vote, there’s no reason not to justify why your beloved comic company ruled the week!

Now it is time to dazzle everyone with the amazing might of DC!

1. Justice League of America’s Vibe #1- Aside from being a mouthful, this comic should be enough for DC to win the week alone. It took a character that was long criticized, scorned, laughed at, or even unknown and made him the center of attention for not only readers but the DC Universe as well. The comic was supposed to be a partner comic to Justice League of America, but felt more like JLA was the companion to Vibe this week. That’s solid story telling and innovation. I list many more reasons why Vibe was the best comic of the week on my review.

2. Justice League of America #1- The marriage of a superstar writer and artist always yields good results, this is no different. Geoff Johns is poised to not only renovate many B-list heroes, but is also set to change the very status quo of the Justice League. This team is different, diverse, and capable. It serves as the direct answer to any criticism that the primary Justice League title might be getting. The thought of a new Secret Society is enough to make any DC fan tingle with excitement. What’s more, the book offers the coolest interpretation of characters like Hawkman and Catwoman we’ve seen in the New 52. Don’t believe me, read more on my review, where I go a bit more in depth.

Those two new releases should have been enough reason to prove why the 52 is still New, fresh and exciting. But DC didn’t stop there. Their other on-goings marched forward in brilliant fashion.

3. Justice League #17- The conclusion to Throne of Atlantis was not only exciting, but saw two major status quo shake ups. The resolution of the comic not only made Orm a much more rounded and dynamic villain, but also has Arthur thrust into the role of King of Atlantis. In addition to this, the expansion of the reserve members didn’t just stop with Black Lightning, Hawkman, Firestorm, Black Canary, Zatanna, Element Woman, and Vixen. We also saw the long teased, and very mysterious Atom. Which is definitely a female. We don’t know anything about her yet, but she’s out there and apparently one of the good guy’s. If you hopped off Justice League at any point, Johns has proven why the team is still relevant in the past few issues. Throne of Atlantis change the game, shame if it passed you by.

4. Sword of Sorcery #5- While SoS was struck away well before its time, the world being built their is still fantastic and dynamic. Though only 3 more issues remain, the story is intricate and definitely worth  a read. The word building done by Christy Marx is fantastic, and I can’t wait for her next issue to come out. Though the future of Nila and Amaya may be shrouded in mystery, the return of either wouldn’t be soon enough. This comic is truly an escapist fantasy, and a wonderful break form the super heroics of the normal DC Universe. Just different enough to be entertaining, and important enough to be worth the read. Marx and Lopresti are lords of their craft and #5 is only proof that DC placed too little faith in them.

5. Wonder Woman #17- I will not lie that Wonder Woman has been struggling so far in 2013. Orion has seemed out of place, and so far lacks a dynamic character. This issue goes along way to make up for the past few issues. Azzarello picks up upon story threads teased way back in his zero issue (as evidenced by his cover). Azzarello’s myth building only gets better as we see not only the return of Poseidon, War, and Strife, but that of the treacherous Hermes as well. While normally opposite, the switch from Chiang to Akins is just what this book needed, as the change of pace with art refreshes and reinvigorates the title. Not only reaffirming my faith in it, but also proving why it is one of the best comics on the market today.

Well there you have it, if that isn’t enough rhetoric to persuade you, then nothing is.

Greetings from your magnanimous merry Marvelite, MoreFunTavis!  No fancy footwork from me this week on why my beloved Marvel Comics deserve your vote, just five amazing titles to wow and amaze you!  So let’s have at it!

1.) Daredevil #23 – I have been telling people how amazing Mark Waid’s run on Daredvil is for quite some time now, and once again, Waid and company do not disappoint.  Not only does this issue run the gambit as far as emotional responses go, from heartwarming to gut wrenching, but it is an astounding lesson in how comics should be colored.  Appreciating the little details is half the fun in comics and Daredevil perfectly exemplified that again this week.

2.) Indestructible Hulk #4 – More Mark Waid!  It is deserves recognition when you re-work a character that despite being loved by movie audiences, is largely ignored within the realm of comics.  The Hulk can be an incredibly dull and monotonous character, but Mark Waid has managed to turn that on its head and give us a Hulk book that anyone can like.

3.) Captain America #4 – Rick Remender continues to blow me away with his sci-fi take on Cap and it certainly doesn’t hurt that Romita is putting in some of the most solid work he has done for Marvel in a long time.  To follow Brubaker’s amazing run on Captain America, Remender had to go in a completely new direction with the title, and that he did.  This is exactly the fun, goofy Cap I want to read.  It’s a book that definitely has something for everyone in it.

4.) Avengers #6 – Well, what do you know!  I do still like the Avengers.  Hell, after this issue, I am fully ready to admit that I am completely head over heels for Hickman’s new vision for the marque Marvel team.  I am finally okay with this really big scope because issue six finally showed that in the middle of all this…largness…Hickman is sitll going to focus in every now and again and give us some really great character moments.  I am still enjoying the art change and would contend once more that Kubert is a much better fit for this type of dynamic, superhero story than Jerome Opena ever was.

5.) Nova #1 – Last but not least, we come to this week’s new number one, the relaunched Nova.  It was incredibly good to see Loeb back in form and writing good comics once more.  You can read my full thoughts on the relaunch here.  Needless to say, I am very excited to have a young reader friendly title in the Marvel line-up and looking forward to what Nova has to offer.

Now that you’ve heard from us, cast your vote! We anxiously await your thoughts.

Until the next time,

Rn & MFT

Ravingnerd Reviews: EVERYTHING!

I was gone for quite a while, I recognize that. That being said, I didn’t stop reading and wanting to review and discuss many of the comics that have come out in that time. So though it’s nearly a month worth of reviews, I’ll offer up brief thoughts on quite a few comics.

Nite-Owl #4
Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 8

Though this comic started off as one of the poorer issue by issue Before Watchmen titles, I shouldn’t have doubted JMS’ long form story telling. The last two issues were thrilling, exciting, and even sad. The last issue especially retroactively makes each previous issue better than my original assessment. This comic will definitely be a trade worth picking up, and features some of the last work by the late and great Joe Kubert.

New Avengers #1
Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 7

This comic was pitch perfect. It set the pace and tone for the story in a way that I couldn’t have imagined possible, given the terrible reviews it gathered among the bigger sites. The first issue was a bold way to introduce the Illuminati and their new status quo. The art is vibrant, powerful, and often cinematic. Hickman’s script is involving and Panther centric, which is a very, very good thing.

Indestructible Hulk #3
Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 8

Though a bit more recent, my review for it is well past the threshold for internet interest, that being said I had to review it given the 180 the second issue did. Waid’s first look at the character was involving and perfect, taking all that was good of the Avengers movie and putting it into a comic. Waid seemed poised to redefine both Bruce and Hulk, before losing some credibility with his super hero pissing match that was issue #2. The third issue is a return to normalcy. We see both Bruce and Hulk doing what they both do best, and introduce a large cast of supporting characters. Waid adds some humor and mystery to the mix, and makes Indestructible Hulk the first Marvel title that is guaranteed a spot on my long term pull list. As it would need at least 3 down issues for me to abandon.

New Avengers #2
Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 8

While the first issue was good, this issue was great. We get to see the dynamics of this new Illuminati team, and how they react to the threat that is posed. We see drama between members (namely Namor and Panther), a return of the Gems, and ultimately get to see all members of the team at their best. While this could probably be called Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Marvel Edition. It’s done and presented well. Only two flaws seem to emerge in the issue. One is the basic Hickman recap, which he did in Avengers #2 as well. Taking entire pages from the first issue and sticking them into the second. It bugs me. I already read that, and want to be spending money on new content, not half new half flashback. Especially since Avengers is on a twice a month schedule. It’s nearly impossible to forget the plot of the first by the time the second comes out. The other flaw is not as forgivable  Captain America has never deserved to be on the team, and he proves why right from the get go. He’s not a king, genius, or god. The only thing he’s earned is his de-facto position as Avengers leader. That’s it. I will have to anxiously await for Beast to join into the mix, and hopefully underscore Cap some.

Well there you have it, A bunch of reviews for comics that have spread more than 4 weeks. I hope you enjoyed them, and I hope you’ll give me some feedback.


I realized that I failed to cover Superior Spider-Man #1 within this post, which was always the intention, thus I’ll do it NOW! (get it?)

Superior Spider-Man #1
Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 6

I am generally open to changes within comic book characters (minus Superman and Wonder Woman being an item). Thus I was quite looking forward to Superior Spider-Man as my only complaint for #700 was its terrible price. This issue was fine. Nothing really special, but helped explore and flesh out some of the aspects of Slott’s new series. This issue could have achieved the gold standard 7 if it had done but one thing. Change the ending. In the end, an invisible Peter Parker appears and some how prevents Ock from killing one of the villains without him knowing it. Peter than states how he doesn’t know what’s going on, but that he’s there and going to fight to get his body back. Hurray, an  issue #1 reset button. If a companies going to highly publicize an event and chock up the price to see it, I personally would much rather that company stand up to it’s bold new status quo, rather than offer up a reset within the first issue of the new status quo. It now makes the entire Superior Spider-Man drama feel more like pandering than commitment to story telling.

Until the next time, I’m finally caught up.