Civilization 6 First Look: The Mapuche


Here it is! The last New Civ in the Rise and Fall expansion. The Mapuche, led by Lautaru join Queen Seondeok of Korea, Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands, Lord Genghis Khan of Mongolia, Emperor Chandragupta of India, Poundmaker of the Cree, Queen Tamar of Georgia, and King Robert of Scotland. Quite the lineup of leaders. Of course you can watch the full release teaser here.

The Mapuche’s unique ability is Toqui. Units trained in a city with an established Governor gain 25 % combat experience. Their units also gain +10 strength when fighting Civilizations in a Golden Age. Their ability is pretty straight forward and to the point. Their unique infrastructure is the Chemamull. This tile improvement provides culture based on the appeal of the tile it is built in. From the teaser it looks like the ability will be +3 for breathtaking, +2 for Charming, and +1 for Average. Later on in the game, the Chemamull will also provide Tourism to They have no building restrictions though, so Lautaro can start racking up culture early. This ability is very nice, early culture is hard to come by. For a Civ that looks to be more aggressive in nature it is nice that their unique improvement will help to boost their cultural output.

Their unique unit is the Malón Raider. This light cavalry unit Gains additional combat strength when near friendly territory and requires less movement to pillage. This will not only make the Mapuche excellent defenders, but good aggressors towards their neighbors. The secondary bonus will allow the unit to pillage and then move. Giving you pillage benefits while also being able to ride away out of harm. This combines will with their unique ability. You will probably want one of your cities to build a Stable so that your Raiders can cause havoc for your neighbors.

Malon Raider

also is that a top hat?

Finally is Lautaro’s unique ability, Swift Hawk. When you defeat an enemy unit within the borders of an enemy city, that city loses 5 loyalty. This means that The Mapuche need only destroy units, with enough pressure, they can capture a city 100% in tact. This aggressive/passive ability will be very fun to play around with. Combined with their Raiders and you can use hit and run tactics to devastate enemy units and crush their morale.

All of the Mapuche’s abilities point towards one thing. Being able to kill Pedro. Every player has that one Civ that somehow shows up on every map, and pesters you endlessly. Pedro of Brazil is mine. I tend to build Wonders and Attract Great People, and that is exactly what Pedro does. So we always end up coming to blows. Whether that be on the field of battle, or in the cultural arena. So having a Civilization so fine tuned to crush Pedro is heartwarming for me to see. All the better, as they are neighbors in TSL games. No longer will Pedro run amok in South America while you toil away in other parts of the world. They will finally have to face a threat who is very good at dealing with them. The Mapuche should have little problem facing off against Pedro. Their next neighbors would be the Aztec’s. Yet by the time the two forces meet, they should have the upper hand as Eagle Warriors will be less relevant. The Swift Hawk ability too should give them the best opportunity to capture the Aztec capital. It is nestled perfectly between mountains, and is very hard for the AI to conquer.

On normal maps they will be fun to play with, and annoying to play against. The closer you are to Lautaro, the worse it will be for you. With all the new Civ’s announced and just a few days to go, who will you lead when Civilization 6 Rise and Fall releases?