Civilization 6 First Look: India


We have most of the Civilizations announced that are coming out with the Rise and Fall expansion for Civilization 6. The next leader I will discuss, is another leader for an existing Civ. Chandragupta will also lead India with the new expansion, and he does things quite a bit differently from Gandhi. You can read about Korea, The Dutch, and Mongolia by clicking the links. Click this link to see the announcement video.

As an additional leader, he will still get India’s Dharma ability. Which states that India gets the follower belief of any religion with at least one follower present in their cities.. This means that India welcomes other religions, just not too much of them. This helps a normally passive India expand their religion and all around be friendlier to everyone else. For Chandragupta it is just a benefit to the grand conquests he will want to undergo. He will use India’s Varu unique unit to do so. The Varu replaces the Horseman. It has higher strength at 40 at the cost of half the movement at 2. Not only are they powerful, but they inflict a -5 strength on adjacent enemy units. Something that stacks for each adjacent Varu. He can use India’s Stepwell to help his conquered cities grow.

Chandragupta’s leader ability is Arthashastra which is dependent on unlocking the Military Training Civic. Once unlocked, you can declare a War of Territorial Expansion. Once Chandragupta does so his units will get 2 additional movement and a combat bonus during the first 10 turns after it is declared. This will help the Varu led army to quickly pounce on neighboring civilizations.

Chandragupta allows you to play India far more aggressively than you ever have been. With one leader ability, you have turned a passive and religious nation into a domination master. Chandragupta will flourish on most map types, being hindered only by maps heavy on islands and mountains. TSL Maps will pose an interesting challenge for India. They have China to the East, Khmer to the Southeast, Persia to the West, Scythia to the Northwest, and Mongolia to the Northeast. Gandhi was always adept at staving off China, but they should be able to easily neutralized now. Persia should also have their fair share of problems with India now as well. The Khmer are well suited as they will be in on the religious game and likely provide your empire with much beneficial follower beliefs. Then they should be quickly crushed. Mongolia and Scythia all field faster ranged armies. They all poise problems but Chandragupta’s unique ability will help them stabilize against them.

There are only 2 more unannounced Civ’s, as the Cree and Georgia are both making their first appearances to the franchise with the expansion. Keep a look out for their first looks soon.


Civilization 6 First Look: Mongolia


Genghis Khan is back! Mongolia is officially in Civilization 6 with the upcoming Rise and Fall expansion. As we all expected, they are good at killing people. Let us look at just how well they do so. To see my previous First Looks, you can read Korea and the Netherlands by clicking through. You can view the complete release video here.

The Mongolian unique ability is actually very different than you would expect. It is called Ortoo. Trade Routes automatically create a Trading Post in the cities they are sent too. Mongolia also gets increased Diplomatic Visibility. This all sounds very passive doesn’t it? Well the ability goes even further. Mongolian unites get a +3 combat bonus for each level of Visibility they have. That means that a single Mongolian Trade Route to anyone will allow them to attack them without mercy. The Mongolian ability packs quite a bit into it, and generally seems to have more going for them than several other Civs. Their Unique Building is the Ordu, which replaces the Stable in the Encampment District. Any Cavalry unit trained in a City with this building gets an additional point of movement. So Mongolia, who already specializes in Horse based combat, can make them even faster. This leads right into their unique unit, the Keshig. The Keshig is unlock-able with the Stirrups technology, but does not replace the Knight. The Keshig is a ranged cavalry unit that can pass on its excellent speed. The video demonstrates them at a movement of 6, but we don’t know if that already factored in the Ordu benefit. 5 base speed is great, but 6 is exceptional. Finally we get to Genghis Khan’s unique ability, Mongol Horde. Just in case you thought Mongolia couldn’t get any stronger, here this is. All cavalry units get +3 combat strength and have a chance to capture enemy cavalry units after you defeat them. So not only will they be stronger than your opponents horse units, but they have a chance to capture them instead of killing them. This includes units like Scythia’s Horse Archers and Russian Cossack’s. Both very powerful units that you can now employ in your Mongolian Horde.

Mongolia is well suited for any type of map, as long as they can find a resource of horses. That will definitely be key. On TSL maps they look poised for great success. They will have the passive but defensive Korea to the South, the peaceful China to the South West, and Scythia to the North West. The only enemy they would have immediate problems with would be Japan. Makes sense. Horses can’t walk over the oceans, and historically they failed to do this twice.

We have just 4 more Civilizations to go. Chandragupta was revealed as the second leader for India, turning the passive Civ into an aggressive one. Today it was announced that Poundmaker would lead the Cree. While I am happy to get another Indigenous Civ into the game, and it will help balance America’s power on TSL Maps, I am disappointed it isn’t Canada.

Civilization 6 First Look: Korea


This content was announced about a week ago. I planned on doing a write up for them much earlier, but I got busy with work and then my internet went down. So now, a week late, you get my look at Queen Seondeok of Korea. Before I get into it, here are a few things to note. We haven’t seen all the new mechanics coming in the Rise and Fall Expansion next February. Because of this it will be impossible to make an accurate review of most things relating to their new mechanics. So anything specifically featuring Governors, Ages, or Emergency Powers, I can only speculate on now.

You can see the full release video here.

I expect by the time is posted, we’ll see another expansion announced, as it appears these things will happen on Tuesday’s. It is my hope to be more thorough with getting these put up. That said, let’s get too it! I will be doing these reviews two fold. Analyzing the Civ on the whole, and analyzing them based on their projected True Start Location (as discussed in my previous post). As TSL maps often vary in strategy from the normal maps and depending on location can provide major advantages or disadvantages. Unfortunately it looks like Korea will be one of those Civ’s that are disadvantaged by their starting location.

Korea’s Unique Ability gives Mines and Farms additional Science and Food yields when built next to a Seowon District. The Seowon replaces the Campus District and provides a large, fixed amount of Science. However this yield is decreased by 1 for every adjacent district built next to it. If I recall the video correctly it looks like it starts at 6. Additionally the Seowon must be built on a hill tile. This makes it more likely to be adjacent to either other hills or plains tiles, further powering up the Civilizations Unique Ability. Korea’s unique Unit is the Hwacha. Which is described as a renaissance era ranged unit. That makes it a little unclear on which unit it replaces, as there is not currently a ranged unit for that era. However my guess would be that it replaces the Crossbowmen, which slot in at 40 ranged combat strength. I expect Korea to get the Hwacha a little later than the Machinery Tech, but at the exchange for a 10 point buff in strength. Additionally the Hwacha cannot move and shoot, in a similar manner to most Siege Units. Finally, Seondeok’s Unique leader ability provides a plus 5 bonus to Cities with an established Governor. Again, little is known about this mechanic so far, but it appears that most cities will want a Governor, so this looks like it gives an additional bonus for having one.

In Games with normally generated maps, Korea looks like a really strong Civ. They should be able to excellently place Seondok Districts and maximize their mine and farm outputs their Civ gives them. The Hwacha should be an excellent defensive unit, and with the correct army built around it, be an excellent offensive option. As stated earlier, Queen Seondok’s leader ability looks to be a great buff to a new mechanic. Governors look like a must have, and providing a further benefit on top of them should allow a greater flexibility in choosing them.

TSL maps get a little trickier. Penalties against the Seondok District should be more noticeable on the tiny Korean peninsula. It also makes it less likely for the capital city to benefit from Korea’s unique ability. I expect in most games, the Seondok will be built adjacent to the Capital, preventing any of the great Civ benefits from happening. Expansion should be another problem with Korea. They are on a peninsula surrounded by Japan to the East, Indonesia and Australia to the South, and China to the West. The current roster of Civilizations makes a northward expansion the easiest mode of expansion. That said, I expect the Genghis Khan to be represented, and that would add a dire threat to the North of Korea. The one advantage the Civ has is their Hwacha. If they can hold off until the Renaissance era, they can muster a few Hwacha’s they should be able to defend their borders from several would be invaders. Korea’s only option may be to muster an early military and attack a City State such as Hong Kong to give them some land to grow. Adjustments to the TSL map happen, changing the map and making Korea larger, but we won’t know until that actually happens.

Korea looks to be a very interesting nation to play. TSL should be about as challenging, if not more so, than Japan currently is. But I love a good challenge. I look forward to seeing what else is announced in the coming days. What do you look forward too about Korea? Are there any Civilizations that you would like to see added to the game? Let me know in the comments if you do.