Greatest Hits: February 2013

DC’s February solicits were less exciting than the past two. No cancellations announced, no mystery about how DC will operate in the future. Despite this, it will be DC’s biggest month in a long time. I will present my thoughts on why, and what series’ should be most looked for.

10. Action Comics #17: Grant Morrison finishes his acclaimed run on Superman, making the all to real loss of his talent from DC felt. Sadder still that four issues later his Batman Incorporated will also end, leaving DC without a monthly Morrison. Despite this, Morrison promises to go out with quite a bang, as this issue is over sized and seemingly over plotted. While it is an end of an era, it also will make the impending Snyderman series worth the wait.

9. Earth 2 #9: What can I say, the first appearance of Doctor Fate is one of my favorite characters. Though his appearance has been teased for a while, I am thrilled that I will be able to see my favorite sorcerer supreme in action again. A little heart-broken that he will have little to no interaction with the main universe, but happy still to see him in comics in some form.

8. Green Lantern #17: Where the Third Army ends, the First Lantern begins. The importance of this mysterious being has been teased for quite a while, and we knew that the current GL event would be nothing compared to the size and scope of the next one. Readers finally know the direction the series will be taking, as well as the route all Lantern Universe titles will be taking. We know now that the major characters make it out of Third Army alive, and that the Guardians are presumably defeated. We also know that this First Lantern fellow probably isn’t the nicest of souls.

7. Katana #1/JLA’s VIbe #1: Every new series demands at least one look, this launch especially. Neither title were on anyone’s predictions for a new ongoing series, however both are appealing in their own way. While not the biggest fan of Katana, I am a fan of female centric series’, not only that this one will be written by a woman. While DC currently as 3, this will set them at an unprecedented 4. Who says DC lacks diversity? JLA’s VIbe, aside from having an awkward title, is the second most controversial thing to come out of DC since Before Watchmen (read on for most controversial). Vibe has been scorned by fans and critics alike, and is considered to be a joke of a character today. Geoff Johns intends to change that, and while he is only co-writing Vibe #1, audiences can be sure that Johns will have is say on the VIbe title for the forseeable future.

6. Sword of Sorcery #5: The fifth issue of the Third Wave’s shining glory sets to do many things for the title. It unveils who killed Amaya’s father, it introduces more houses (as we learn Onyx House is against Amaya). The slow by steady expansion of this title is one of its greatest strengths. It doesn’t set the universe up in one issue, rather the reader gets to explore it much like the titles protagonist.

5. Batgirl #17: Everything comes to a head in this issue. As expected, Batgirl gets no rest as Death of the Family concludes, as she is forced to encounter her brother. The solicit promises a major status quo in Barbara’s life, and that’s anyone’s guess. Will Alysia die? Her precious Alaska? This is a must read for any fan of the title, as it is probably much more exciting to long-term readers than the Death of the Family crossover.

4. Batman #17: Speaking of mysteries and Death of the Family, the conclusion to the massive “non-crossover” occurs in February. As promised, someone will die, but who will it be? Will it be Alfred? Joker himself? However, the question I’m really asking is “what’s next?”. Court of Owls thrilled us, Joker is terrifying us, who or what will come into play next? Snyder has proven he does long-term arcs quite well.

3. Green Arrow #17: While Anne Nocenti is a very capable writer, she has done nothing to make Green Arrow readable. All of this changes in February when Jeff Lemire (my personal favorite non-Morrison writer) takes charge of the title. If Green Arrow is a tenth of the title Lemire promised us it would be, then it is worth looking at.

2. Young Romance #1: No, this is not an ongoing title. This is a holiday one shot meant to fill the fifty-second slot while we wait for next months Constantine. An homage to romance comics of the Golden Age, this title will feature stories involving everyone’s favorite and least favorite couples. Batman and Catwoman are listed as an item in this book, Apollo and Midnighter apparently both survive the chaos in their title, and of course Wonder Woman and Superman. While I hate Wonder Woman and Superman being a pair, I’m excited to see the stories, the art, and take a nice break from the universe to enjoy a Valentine’s day story.

1. Justice League of America #1: Could there be any other? The rag-tag team written by Johns and illustrated by Finch will change the status quo of the DC Universe. While it serves as the third part to the JL trinity meant to play into the looming crisis, JLA is a commentary of the Justice League itself. They aren’t gods, they aren’t perfect, nor do they have ego’s, and make out in the watch tower. Everyone on this team has something to prove. From its set of three leaders, down to its unlikeliest of recruits (looking at you Vibe) this title looks to alter our perceptions of these character irreversibly. It is also worth noting that this title will have 54 covers in addition to the main cover and the unnamed variant, it will also have 52 covers featuring each state (plus Puerto Rico and DC). This move has gotten DC quite a bit of hate, and has set the internet ablaze in a way DC hasn’t done since announcing Before Watchmen.

These titles are what I’m looking forward too most, what makes your list?

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The Fourth Wave of America

As most of you know, two thirds of DC’s 4th wave were revealed today. Previously we had 3 unannounced mystery titles, and now we have just one. The most surprising aspect of the reveals was that they both had direct ties to the new JLA (also launching in february).

Katana #1 will be written by Catwoman Scribe Ann Nocenti and will spin directly off of Birds of Prey. Whether this means she is leaving the team for good has yet to be seen, but it could be very likely given her new stint on JLA. The Katana solo series will be set in Japan as we not only learn more about the character but as we watch her gain a rogues gallery and confront her past.

Vibe #1 was the most shocking and easily the most unattractive teaser to come out of DC in quite a while. Like Katana, VIbe’s series will tie directly in as Paco’s life is turned upside down when his powers become apparent to the government. It appears that Detroit will serve as America’s Cardiff in a Doctor Who style spacial rift. Vibe’s unique set of powers allows him to sense the activity of the rift when no one else can. This comic will be helmed by the creator of Arrow.

Finally news more along the piss-your-pants-out-of-excitement came out. Ann Nocenti will be leaving Green Arrow. So that Jeff Lemire can hop on board with art from Andrea Sorentino. Lemire promised a return to classic GA believing that this would help bring back disillusioned fans back to the character.

We all knew JLA was going to be important, but who knew it would be this important. Will the last title also tie in with JLA or do you expect something else is in the works?

Until the next time, RAO BE PRAISED Lemire is on GA.