Ravingnerd’s Best of 2017: Best Reads

My nightly festivities got in the way of me getting this post out Yesterday, so you’ll have to figure out the best reads of 2017 today instead. I will be focused on individual series’ and not characters nor specific issues. Some have performed so well they have landed on the list with just a few issues. I have already spoken about several of these series’ in recent posts, so several of these should not be a surprise. So here we go!

There will be mild spoilers sprinkled throughout, so Black Alert is up!


10. Super Sons was one of the longest awaited books of Rebirth. We sadly had to wait more than 6 months after Rebirth’s launch, until just after the first of the year, to get this book. Needless to say, this book has been every bit as good as we thought it would be. What isn’t to love? A team up with the lovable Jonathan Kent and almost as lovable Damian Wayne. What could go wrong? Well nothing really. Jonathan has the powers of Superman while Damian is a little jerk who is up for anything. This book is very similar to Tomasi’s Superman story. It features the perfect balance of light hearted humor and fun to add into the action. It helps that Damian and Jonathan balance each other out very well. Jorge Jimenez’ art is perfect for capturing the raw energy that both Sons’ have and it often feels like they could burst off the page.


9. Grass Kings was Matt Kindt’s latest attempt to prove to the comic industry that he is one of the best writers in comics. Period. Together, with fantastic water colors from Tyler Jenkins, Matt is able to do what he does best. Write a compelling and fascinating mystery. Kindt’s name needs to be up there with Brubaker as one of the greatest mystery writers in all of comics. Books like Super Spy and Red Handed are some of the most brilliant reads out there. This time around, we get a newer kind of mystery from him. The Grass Kingdom is a land unto itself. It appears to exist outside of Federal jurisdiction, or at least that is how they operate. This, of course, hasn’t gone over with others. Including the villainous sheriff of the next county. The mystery in this book is three fold. What is the mystery behind the Grass Kingdom, why does it feel off? Who is responsible for the string of murders that have plagued the land for a decade? Biggest of all, who are we supposed to really trust? If you are looking for a thrilling and beautiful read, this is the perfect book for you.


8. Star Trek: Mirror Broken is an odd duck as far as Star Wars comics goes. I generally shy away from IDW’s Trek line, as it normally bothers me more than anything else. This book, however, does not. Mirror Broken, as the name suggests, is set in Star Trek’s Mirror Universe. Seen in the shows throughout the series in TOS, DS9, and Enterprise. There is an established time line that details the fall of the Terran Empire (it’s fine, they were pretty terrible). Mirror Broken shows us the TNG crew for the first time in the Mirror Universe. Believe it or not, none of them are particularly likable. Noticeable differences include Borg augmented Data, Barkley with a spine, and a psychotic Wesley Crusher (no he still isn’t likable. Scott and David Tipton helm the book better than they have some of their previous Trek books, and the interiors by JK Woodward are nothing to scoff at. This is absolutely worth the read for Trek fan out there. We also get to see Captain Jellico, and even in the Mirror Universe, I just love him.


7. X-O Manowar is easily the best book that you are not reading. Matt Kindt has taken the flagship Valiant property and turned it into a space opera epic for the generation. It Aric, Vandal with alien super armor. Has turned his back on Earth and his suit. Instead leading a simple life as a farmer on a foreign planet. When war comes, he is conscripted to fight. Yet he quickly realizes that he is in an army of ‘undesirables’ and that his unit is designed to fight until they die. The higher ups have no interest in their survival. It is up to Aric to not only win the day for his squad, but save as many people as he can. Heroes never seem to be able to escape being heroes, do they? The art by Tomas Giorello is also stunningly perfect. It is dynamic, and his wide shots of the alien landscapes range from beautiful to terrifying. This book should have made a lot more waves than it did, but you are hearing it from me. It is awesome. Valiant has also followed this up with Ninja K, another spin on one of their classic super heroes. With their feature film debut close at hand, these books should be must reads for anyone who is excited to see Valiant in film.


6. Superman has been one of the best books on the shelf period. Peter J Tomasi is the hero we need, not the one we deserve. Having written almost 2 and a half years of the best Superman you could ever imagine. His secret? Having fun! Sure things can get dark, but he is always able to bring things back. Case in point with his “Road Trip” arc from early in the year. After dealing with Manchester Black in a very dark and serious arc before, the Kent family could really use a rest. And that is exactly what they got. Yet instead of flying, Clark decided to do things a little more by the book. He rented an RV. The 3 issue story arc features the Kent’s going to various different monuments and historical markers, and interacting with people along the way. Central to the story is Clark teaching Jonathan to be a good, kind person. It may sound odd to say, but I think the best Superman stories are the ones that don’t feature big, all out brawls. It is the ones that focus on the underlying humanity Clark has. It is why stories like Injustice and Batman VS Superman are so hard for me to get behind.


5. Doomsday Clock. Do I really need to say more? The long awaited resolution to the Rebirth premise is finally at hand. Only 2 issues in, the story is more glorious than anyone could have imagined. Rather than deep diving into the Watchmen/DC Crossover, we take things a step back and find out how things have been going in the Watchmen universe. Not well. Rorschach’s journal told the world the truth of Ozymandias’ deeds, and united the world against him. Sadly, this also brought back the animosity between nations that Adrian had desperately been trying to avoid. We get a chance to see several fan favorite characters again plus the addition of a few new ones. The story has yet to really get going, but Geoff Johns knows what he is doing. What makes this series exceptional is Gary Frank’s art. Instead of relying on modern comic art methods, Frank is doing things differently. Gone are the overdone splash pages, or large comic images, and in its place are traditional 9 panels. This does not diminish Frank’s gorgeous art at all, it instills it. Every single frame can be poured over, and new readings will find new insights. Plus the classic feel to the book, is the perfect presentation for the Watchmen event we have all been waiting for. I know there are several people out there burned out on Watchmen due either to the film, Before Watchmen, or any number of other things. If you are one of those people, I get it. I was too. But the opening of this series should have everything you need to get you hooked in seconds. Trust me, and take the plunge.


4. Batman by Tom King has been an interesting book to figure out. At the start of its launch, it just seemed off. While everyone was positively abuzz about King taking over the title. Yet the book released to an underwhelming presence. In comparison to the other fantastic launches the rest of the Rebirth line had, Batman got lost. Yet 2017 is truly the year of Tom King. With his story arc “The War of Jokes and Riddles” and “Super Friends”, King has successfully made Batman one of the hottest books on he shelf again. Featuring the brilliance Mikel Janin on art, the War of Jokes and Riddles was the Batman epic of the year. Focusing on an untold story from early in Batman’s tenure, similar to Scott Snyder’s year zero. Joker, who is unable to laugh, is desperately trying to find something ‘funny’. On the other side is the Riddler, who’s motives are to kill Batman, thus answering the ultimate Riddle. In the process the villains of Gotham draw a line down the middle, and enter into a messy and bloody conflict. The messy conflict sees Batman do something we don’t normally see him do. There are a number of surprises and fantastic moments sprinkled in across the way that I won’t spoil. Tom King follows this dramatic and dark story arc with one of the most fun two part stories I have ever read. In “Superfriends” Clark, Lois, Bruce, and Selina go on a double date. The issue is to delightful to spoil, so go get on it.


3. Archie’s “Over the Edge” and “Heart of Riverdale” broke my heart this year, and deserves a high spot on this list. Mark Waid has a way of weaving comedy and tragedy into the same book, and has never shied away from pulling any emotion punches with this book. These arcs cranked those emotions up to a ten. I after nearly every issue I was left devastated and near tears. Yet this wasn’t due just to the darkness and tragedy that Waid just threw in my face. It was also due to how well he was writing the characters. They were as devastated as I. Yet how did they handle these dilemma’s? They bought guns to appease their vengeance. Just kidding! If you wanted that, go watch Riverdale. As for me, I will stick to the heartwarming melancholy that I get on a monthly basis from this book. Pete Woods’ art highlighted the energy and emotion of the Over the Edge arc. Audrey Mok took over for the Heart of Riverdale arc, and here sweet and personal style is perfectly suited for the subject material. Warning before you read, not everyone makes it out of this one alright. So bring tissues.


2. Batman: White Knight by Sean Murphy is easily the second best book of the year. Originally slated as the 4th arc of Scott Snyder’s All Star Batman, DC wisely gave Murphy free reign of this book. Set in an alternate universe, where the Joker eventually goes sane. As Jack Napier, he not only sees the lunacy of his actions, but the havoc that Batman has reeked across Gotham. He sets out trying to not only fix the broken and corrupt political system of the city, but to stop Batman himself. With Alfred clinging for life with an illness that Bruce cannot cure, he has gotten more and more savage. This story helps beg the question, what is Batman without Alfred? If the death of his parents broke an 8 year old Bruce, what would the death of his caretaker, friend, mentor, and surrogate parent do to him? The answer is nothing good. On top of this brilliant premise is the twist that has propelled the 3 issues of the series out so far so high up this list. There are two Harley Quinn’s. The original Harley is Harleen Qunizell, who legitimately fell in love with Jack (Joker) and was driven away at the height of his madness. Taking his place is a manic woman obsessed with Joker’s madness. The original wears her jumpsuit she debuted in, while the new favors a look more like her appearance in Suicide Squad. As a reader the devolution of Harley in comics has long been a point of contention with me. Seeing my issues with the character addressed so quickly and effortlessly was not something I had expected, but I loved it. This book still has another 5 issues to go, and Sean Murphy has barely cracked the surface of what he is going to do.


1.  Mister Miracle is without a doubt, the best series of the year, and is Tom King and Mitch Gerads at their finest. This series clocks in at just 5 issues of its 12 issue run, and has been a smash hit since day one. The story so far sees the titular hero thrust into a war between the New Gods and the forces of Darkseid. While it is made clear early on that absolutely nothing is at it seems, the curtain has yet to be pulled back to reveal the full extent of what is happening. The war has taken several turns so far, including the death of High Father. This has led to Orion becoming the new leader of New Genesis. Most recently he ordered the death of Mister Miracle under the accusation that he was corrupted by the Anti Life Equation (he may be, we don’t know). The book has managed to nail down a very dramatic and action packed story, and sneak in brilliant moments of comedy and heartwarming tenderness as well. Something Tom King has proven very deft at. Gerads art is a credit to this book. Able to pull off a captivating and brilliant read every issue, while also making things fuzzy enough to make the reader confused an unnerved. This is well worth a pick up if you haven’t gotten to read it yet.


Top of the Stack

It’s Wednesday! That means new comic books are out. Last week saw a minimal amount of books as is common with a 5th Wednesday in a month. Today kicked off the December month in grand fashion. I will detail what I enjoyed this week.


Archie #26

Archie is the comic I look forward to most every month. In the turn of a page I can go from laughing to weeping. I cannot overstate my emotional attachment to this book enough. I am often left in tears. This issue was no different. Delivering a devastating punch at the end of the book, that no doubt will make me sob in a months time. Mark Waid is bolstered this arc by the wonderful art of Audrey Mok, whose interiors harken back to Veronica Fish’s excellent work in the second volume. I have long loved Mok’s work, and seeing her go from the equally outstanding Josie and the Pussycats book to Archie proper has been fantastic. I just regret that Archie Comics cancelled their Team Betty/Veronica shirts they solicited a year ago. I want my shirt! #TeamVeronica


Batman #36

I strayed away from Batman for quite some time in the New 52, the repetitive use of the Joker by Scott Snyder made me weary of the book and I never concluded the run, I was to overwhelmed. As Tom King took over as apart of Rebirth, I was skeptical. The first few volumes failed to grab my attention. However once he got to the I Am Bane arc, I was sold. Afterwords it has become clear that King has been seeding things he can draw on for several arcs to come. With wedding bells ringing in the distance it is time for Batman to get his affairs together. He first “talked” with Talia as we saw the rest of the Bat-Family react to the news. The new “Superfriends arc” will allow Tom King to play with the Superman family (that has been excellently written by Peter Tomasi) and how Clark reacts to the news. What ensues is one of the funniest Batman stories I have read in years. As both men struggle to express their feelings. It is familiar from Batman, but new to experience from Superman. However it was Lois and Selena who stole the show. Egging their respective paramours along, until the fun conclusion to the book. I hope the rest of this arc is as fun as it started. It’s always nice for a bit of levity in a Batman book.


Batman: White Knight #3

Sean Murphy has long been one of my favorite creators in the industry. When he announced this story, I was naturally very excited. To say this book has been exceptional so far would be an understatement. Outside of Tom Kings Mister Miracle series, I would say this is the greatest super hero book on the shelf. Batman is edgy and off kilter, while Dick and Babs struggle to understand his motives. I newly sane Joker (Jack) has set about ending the Batman’s destructive reign in Gotham. This issue continues with the twist from last months issue. Do not read on if you have not finished Batman: White Knight #2.

The two Harley Quinn reveal really blew my mind. Learning that the Original Harley Quinn had left Joker right around the time of the Jason Todd murder, and a newer, legitimately crazy woman slipped right in to play the roll. Murphy gets to make a jab at modern Harley in the process. Making the original costume Harley the real deal. She isn’t crazy, she is just crazy in love. The other woman is literally insane and in love with the idea of being crazy. Murphy effectively redeems the last 6 years of Harley Quinn. As a reader, I did not think that was possible. Seeing a bright, fun, intelligent, and not overly sexualized Harley has been a sight to see. I look forward to her involvement through the rest of the series. I had forgotten that Harley Quinn could be a redeemable character.

klaus hero (Custom)

Klaus: Crisis in Xmasville #1

Finally, let’s talk about Klaus. Grant Morrison is a genius. He always has been. In Klaus he satirizes hyper dark/violent style of the Dark Knight Returns. But with Santa. Since the series’ launch a year ago, it has had a one shot every December. This year is Crisis in Xmasville. Where a small town run by a corrupt soda company has kidnapped and brainwashed travelers into becoming an army of hypnotized evil santa’s. Enter Klaus, the real life Santa, who arrives to beat some sense into the villainous foes. The story is goofy, funny, and delightfully poignant. The art from Dan Mora is also a treat. If you haven’t seen his work before, it’s a must see. His panel design is top notch, and he perfectly blends the fun and grit that Morrison writes into the book.

Well these are my favorite books of the week, what did you enjoy?

On The Stack

It’s Wednesday, and before I get my stack of new books, I’m here to detail the best books of the week before.

5. Ghost Rider #1 was a rather brilliant book, I have already sung the praises of this first issue, and will let you read it here. That being said, it was definitely one of the best things from last weeks stack.

4. Aquaman #29 continues what writer Jeff Parker has been doing with Aquaman. When Johns left it was easy to thing Aquaman could fall by the wayside, and become a forgettable title. Yet Jeff Parker has managed to spin an impressive yarn about a more human Aquaman ever since stepping in. It is a thrill to see, and this issue proves that Parker has a lot more going on.

3. The Wake #7 made me realize I missed the book since the last issue. Murphey’s art stole the show, as we see our characters caught by the villainous government. What’s fascinating about this book is once the plot shifted, it feels like the government and people are the bad guys. The Merfolk are no longer the primary villains, though they are there. I am excited and fascinated to see where this book goes as it heads towards its conclusion 3 issues from now.

2. Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6. Rogues Rebellion was the tie in that could. While much of Forever Evil has been stellar, the Rouges centered limited series was the best tie in of the bunch. It perfectly grasped the concept of the Rogues, and seeing them embark on their own small heroic journey of sorts was excellent. Seeing where they go without Captain Cold and Heatwave (who’s dead?) will be interesting. Seeing if Mirror Master can continue to lead the team will be fascinating as well.

1. Afterlife with Archie #4 was one of the most emotional books I have ever read. In just a few short pages, we are forced to feel immense sorrow as Archie not only loses his dog (who has heartbreaking internal dialogue) but also as he realizes that he can’t save everyone. This book continues to thrill at every turn, and this issue made the book feel all the more real.

In other news, I was extremely underwhelmed by Silver Surfer #1. The art was excellent, but the story was forgettable and slow. I hope it can pick up from a poor first issue, as I need to see Allred’s art on a monthly basis.

Until the next time,


Worlds Collide: Parts 4-6, Things are Heating Up!

Alright time for next part of this true blue rollercoaster ride of fun!

Issue three left us on something of a cliffhanger with Sonic entering Mega Man’s world and both still thinking the other is a bad guy.  This is the issue where those pesky first impressions are dispelled and Mega Man, or Rock as his friends would call him, and Sonic finally start working together to fight the bad guys and figure out how to un-bad guy-ify all of Sonic’s friends.  Spoiler alert, they use Mega Man’s copy ability and, for plot reasons, it “overloads” the robot making process, or roboticization, giving the good guys their faculties back and Rock a new weapon for his mega blaster.  The short of it is, we’ve switched from a Sonic story to a Mega Man story.  Instead of gathering up friends and storming the evil mega base, our heroes are forced to save their friends one by one in a rock-paper-scissors like fashion.  Issue six ends with all but two of the good/bad guys remaining and an almost straight shot to the evil, mega, ultra, flying fortress.

As the story transitions from act one into the beginning into act two the action really ramps up with three back to back brawls each one bigger than the next with foreshadowing sprinkled throughout.  The only real plot progression is the dialogue between the good doctors Robotnick and Wiley who still have the best bromance since Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.  Their genera savvy bantering is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this crossover and I’ll tell you why.

The last couple years of Robotnick have been a bit lackluster.  Way back in issue 50 Sonic and his buddies actually removed Robotnick out of existence.  This was due to multiple reasons one being that no one at the time though the comic was going to last past issue 50.  Some were even planning on moving to the Saturday morning T.V. show.  However, that show got cancelled, BEFORE ITS TIME!, and the comic continued and Robotnick got a new character design in the videogames.  So killing him off ended up being the perfect way to bring him with his new look.  Since then Robotnick has been standard kid show villain affair with Sonic and his buddies taking him down before he can do any real damage.  Ian Flynn has been trying to rework him as a credible villain buy making him genera savvy and calculating the unknown “chaos” factor into his plans, i.e. Sonic’s inevitable victory.  This has resulted in some losses and some “losses” for Sonic and his friends but it still remains that whatever Robotnick does can or will be undone within a few issues.  However, this crossover is the first time where we may, in fact, see him do some real, irreversible damage to Sonic and his friends.

This arc started off with Wiley and Robotnick talking about all the prep work they had done to make sure their plans didn’t fail this time and now we see just exactly what that is.  They have the maguffins, they have back up plans out the wazoo, and they have captured people who usually help the hero save the day in the 11th hour.  Wiley and Robotnick have a whole lot of bases covered and the heroes are just now starting to get their act together.

We all know the good guys win.  The trick is seeing how close the villains come to their own victory and whether or not it lasts.  I’m starting to think that the good doctors may in fact leave a scar much deeper that I, or anyone might have anticipated.

Final Verdict: The Plot Thickens or Megan Man Gets Broke as Hell.


Till next time I’m The Writing Writer.

Worlds Collide: Parts 1-3, Let’s Get This Party Started!

A little back story to set the stage; issue 200 is kind of a big deal for any comic and Sonic was no different.  Aptly called Genesis, the arc started mean ol’ Robotnik, I’m not calling him Eggman, up and decided that things were better way back when so he built a machine to put everything back the way it was when the comic started out.  Long story short, it was a major, reality warping event that was a loving homage to all things Sonic but felt short lived and had relatively little aftermath for the heroes to deal with.  Well now the events of Genesis are back with the “Genesis Wave” being the start button for this, sure to be, roller-coaster.

“Worlds Collide” starts off how you’d expect from a crossover.  The two major villains from either side find each other and decide to take over their respective worlds, like any good villains would do.  They do this by pitting Mega Man and Sonic against each other thanks to either ones respective evil clone while at the same time rounding up maguffins and all Sonics friends and turning them evil via plot shenanigans.  Sounding formulaic? Well that’s because it is.  Still, we have formulas because they work and this is about Mega Man and Sonic so if anyone else is getting some screen time any excuse to get the pummeled half to death is a good way to make them relevant.

Not much else happens in these three issues.  The focus here is setting up story and letting us know the: who, what, where, and why with one big, fat fight scene at the end to remind us that this is an action series.  Seriously, the third issue is just Sonic and Mega Man wailing on each other.  Not that it was a bad thing.  After nothing but exposition and set up it’s nice to see some tried and true fist-to-cuffs.  So far everything is dancing to the beat of a great crossover, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any room for improvisation.

Often times, when one or more of these Saturday morning type villains get together it’s usually 10 seconds before someone’s ego gets in the way and everything falls apart. This usually happens right before they actually do some damage which gets old fast.  It’s this big, almost inevitable, trope that happens again and again and it gets old really quick.  One of my favorite things about this arc so far is that Mr. Flynn knows the pattern and is smart enough to poke fun at it to no end.  If there’s a scene with Robotnik or Wiley, one way or another some sort of pissing match starts: whose nemesis is better, who had a larger role in the master plan, what to name the arbitrary flying fortress of terror.  Yet, each time it ends in some quirky, happy go lucky, B.F.F. sort of way.  It’s a nice change of pace to see mad scientist veterans actually getting along rather than egocentric morons who can build death machines that defy every known law of physics but can’t quite seem to outsmart a bunch of cocky teenagers.  They are also acting intelligently.  Both have been bested by their nemesis more than once and they’re giving both of an appropriate amount of focus and fear.

Right now Robiley is/are making massive strides towards their goal.  Mega Man and Sonic are utterly convinced that the other is just another bad guy to get beat down; completely oblivious to what’s really going on.  Obviously this won’t last for long, but just remember that things are just started and there are a lot of twists and turns we have yet to see.

Final verdict: True Blue X 2 = Awesome!  or Robiley FTW!


Till next time I’m The Writing Writer

Mega Man vs. Sonic…Wait, What?

So Archie has something big going on right now. It’s a major crossover arc with two of their biggest titles, Sonic the Hedgehog and Meg Man.  You might be thinking, “What’s so great about two old video game mascots?”  Well I’ll tell you.  There’s a guy, Ian Flynn, whose been getting some great press on his run with Mega Man as well as his run on The New Crusaders another Archie title from their Red Circle Imprint.  He’s also been the writer on the Sonic comic for a few years now so needless to say, this guy is pretty much Hero-Archie right now.  Though I haven’t always like the directions he’s gone, I’ve got to admit, he’s done a great job with what he’s been given.   This is also a huge deal for both franchises.  Sonic is the longest running comic based on a video game character having gone for 15 years strait as well as two successful spin-off series and Mega Man has been getting praise left and right.  So to sum up this is going to be big and its’ going to be good.  And here are some more reasons this is worth your attention.

By now we’re used to the every-few-years-shake-things-up approach that Marvel and DC have adopted and it has worked, with varying results.  On the one hand, I love comics because of the stories they’ve told and taking that away every so often takes a little of my love with it.  Some of my favorite characters have been ret-conned out of existence: Wild Cat, Tom Bronson not Ted Grant, Jean-Paul Valley, Ted Cord, Cassandra Cain and I’m certain there’s some Marvel people in there I just can’t quite recall any at the moment. On the other hand, ret-cons create allow for a whole new generation of comics fans to be born and without them we’d still have to deal with some really stupid stuff, like Mrs. Marvel giving birth to her otherworldly rapist.  Ha, told you I’d get some Marvel people in there!  Anyway, one of the most enjoyable things about Sonic is that it’s been going forward since its inception and this arc is going to be the first time his world gets “shook up”.  There has been talk of some changes happening within the Sonic universe and after a massive kerfuffle of a legal dispute with former writer, Ken Penders, it’s possible that this crossover arc is the beginning of a brand new world for everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog.

Mega Man’s comic hasn’t been around for that long so there isn’t any real change to be expected.  It’s more likely that this is going to be a moment where the character can really shine.  Mega Man has been called “the smartest super-hero comic on the stands” while Sonic, although a great read, isn’t known for its great philosophical quagmires.  So here is a perfect moment where great stories meet great debates all coming together to make some good fun for everyone.

Due to some subscription snafu’s and comic book structure, I’m going to be reviewing Worlds Collide in chunks until I get around to the final three issues  which I will be reviewing as individual issues.  The crossover is being written for trade rather than floppy so looking at it in chunks until the finally seems like the best approach.  Alright, now that we’re done with the preamble, let’s get to the main event!

Till next time, I’m The Writing Writer