Civilization 6 First Look: Georgia


Georgia joins the Civilization franchise with the new Rise and Fall expansion. Led by Tamar, Georgia looks to be the religion heavy Civ of the expansion. Korea is Science, Netherlands are a toolbox, Mongolia and Chandragupta both provide aggression, and The Cree are diplomatic.

You can watch the full Georgia teaser here.

Georgia’s unique Civ ability is Strength in Unity. It’s short and simple, when making a dedication in a Golden Age you also make a normal age dedication. This allows you to accumulate Era score faster and help propel you into multiple sustained Golden Ages. It reminds me a bit of Persia from Civ 5. I expect Tamar will spend most of the game in a golden age. Which will be a boon for her city loyalty. The unique structure is the Tsikhe. It replaces the Renaissance Era walls and is built at a cheaper production value. It also provides the city that builds it additional faith output (from the video it looks like +3 faith). Cheaper defenses are never a bad thing, and when they provide you with extra faith.

Their unique unit is also pretty straight forward Khevsureti. The replacement for the Swordsman has additional combat strength when attacking on hills, and they suffer no movement penalty on hills. Given that a Swordsman is base 36 strenght, it looks like they get a +4 buff as their attack is 40 in the video. Tamar’s unique ability is Glory of the World, Kingdom, and Faith. Tamar can declare a Protectorate War after gaining the Theocracy Civic. This should be easy to do as I expect anyone playing Georgia to be deep in the Faith based civics. After declaring a Protectorate war her gain a faith boost for the first 10 turns of the war. This ability also doubles envoys sent to City States following your religion. While Georgia isn’t the most religious of Civ’s, they will be knee deep in the Civic’s necessary for a flourishing religion.

Georgia is going to be an excellent addition to the franchise. They will be the most fun on a TSL Map. They are well suited to deal with the all the threats that surround them. And they will be surrounded. They will have to contend with Russia, Poland, Rome, Scythia, and Greece. Their Tsikhe will keep your cities faith, and keep your religion fueled. Their ability to perpetuate Golden Ages will also give them a huge edge against their foes. Combined with the fact they can win over almost any city state, they will have a fantastic time outpacing enemy civ’s.

The final two expansions have already been named. Scotland and the Mapuche. Both look to be like a ton of fun. Who will you play first when Rise and Fall drops?


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