Ravingnerd Reviews: Secret Wars #1

Thanks to a set of circumstances I got my hands on an advance copy of Secret Wars #1. I felt it fitting to review that book so that I’ll be in the zone to review Age of Ultron, when I get the chance. Most of you know that I am not a fan of Marvel by any stretch of the imagination. That said, since I missed out on reviewing any of these Convergance books that have come out recently (most of them have been A + so far), I decided to take this opportunity to review this book.

Before I get into the meat of the article I’ll talk about the scenes I liked.

1. We see Ultimate Reed Richards (the evil one) as the Ultimate Universe’s only hope of survival. I am very pleased that Hickman could not only introduce the new evil Reed (a few years ago, at the same time Miles was introduced) but also make him tie into an event this massive. It’s awesome seeing these disparate parts fit together in this way.

2. While Ultimate Reed Richards could have easily stolen the show, good ole’ 616 Reed proved that he’s not all that different from his evil counterpart by callously stating that he was better than anyone else, and it didn’t matter if anyone else died.

Which one’s evil again?

3. Not only do we see Wilson Fisk do his thing, I even enjoyed Frank Castle doing his thing.

4. Scott Summers channels the Phoenix Force. Awesome as always.

Rating before reading: 4

Rating after reading: 8
This book was a great read and had moments all will enjoy. While I was probably the only one who gleefully reread the portions in which a few characters of a nameless team were killed, the book will enjoy most avid fans or even partially interested ones. Unlike DC’s Convergence, the learning curve is not super steap with this book. It was easy enough to pick up (it certainly helped that I have active knowledge of the Ultimate Universe) without passing knowledge of anything going on in the Marvel Universe. While Congergence is good, it is only truly rewarding if you have read some or all of their Earth 2 title. Secret Wars suffers no such problems in the first issue, employing a concept elegently easy to get behind. Part of this book’s charm is that it felt like a final issue. From page one we are thrust into an end of the world situation and the book pulls out all the stops as every hero does what they can to stop or mitigate the crisis. From Richards trying to make  an arc of scientists to Cyclops rediscovering the Phoenix force, the Marvel Universe’s heroes are on full display here.
Sold, simple, and incredibly easy to follow, Secret Wars #1 made even the most staunch opponent of Marvel smile for a little bit, and I hope it is a sign of things to come.

Once you all get your hands on the book, let me know what you think.

Until the next time,

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