I promise that’s the last pun I’ll make this post. It’s been a while, but nothing seemed blog worthy lately. Until today.

I have seen my interest in comics dwindle over the last year. With nary a book left oon my pull list, I struggle to find books to read on a week to week basis. This week saw the release of Mask 2, the follow up to the Masks series from a few years ago. I have long loved pup heroes, and with the loss of the Shadow series a year ago, I have been hard pressed to find something to fill the gap. Today I was very happy to have a book to fill that gap. And damn. I have not been this impressed with a book in a long time. I loved everything about it. It didn’t drudge along trying to tell an origin story (something the original Masks series spent too much time doing). It goes right into the story. I have to admit I’m a little biased towards the Shadow. This book did him great justice (not a pun, but a similarly bad joke). This book could have been titled Shadow and friends, as much of the early plot revolves around him. His character spins circles around Green Hornet, Kato, and Black Terror. And in sensational style, the first words of the book are “Who knows what evil lurks inside the hearts of men?”. In case you didn’t know, it’s the Shadow.

This book is fun for any fan of the pulp hero medium. With jokes being made not at the Shadow’s expence, but because he’s the strangest one of the bunch. To a normal man like Britt Reid, the Shadows a maniac. And the banter between the two of them is sensational.

This book was exactly what I needed. It was fun, refreshing, and most of all nostalgic. It was like seeing an old friend after a long time. I don’t care what becomes of the book, even if it becomes and utter train wreck, I will not forget where it started. The book was senastional and has provided me much amusement. Masks 2 #1 came into my life at exactly the right time, and maybe, just maybe, is proof that I can once again fall in love with this medium I have become so disillusioned with.

Until the next time,


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