A Not So Special Bloggiversary

So 2 years ago today I launched Ravingnerd. It was at the request of numerous friends that I find an open outlet to share my opinions. Little did I know that what began as a way for me to rant about things would turn into the sensation that it was back during its peak. Much of that is lost now, and my readership is definitely a far cry from what it once was. But It’s hard to imagine that two years ago I didn’t have this outlet. That there was no Ravingnerd. Much has happened since then, but the constant support of all of you my readers, has always meant much to me. If I have the time today, I will still post my normal Wednesday Round Up. In the mean time, I wanted to thank each and every one of you who is reading this. Even those who no longer read this. Thank you to everyone. It has been a tremendous ride, and I look forward to introducing you to the renovations I’ve got coming.

Until the next time,


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About ravingnerd

I am Ravingnerd. I have returned to this blog after an extensive absences. I lost the passion for quite some time. However recently got the urge to start this back up. Join me as I discuss, Comics, Star Trek, Civilization, and much more!

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