Getting the Fix

It has officially been confirmed that Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. will be taking over Superman this summer. This will not only end Scott Lobdell’s (who is still hated across the internet for reasons I don’t quite understand) run on the title, but bolster it with star power from outside of DC’s stable of creators. Romita Jr. has worked almost exclusively at Marvel and is one of their highest profile artists, having worked on Spider-Man, Kick Ass and other major Marvel series’. Superman has struggled to find an audience and voice since the inception of the New 52, having the distinction of going through more creative switches than any other book in the first year of the New 52. While it has solely been piloted by Lobdell since issue 13, his take on the character has been slipping. With the loss of the ground Lobdell gained, it was time for a switch. Putting DC’s highest ranked creator on the title, who has one of the most impeccable track records in comic books was the only smart move DC could have made to help fix their flagship character.

While Superman appears to have gotten the fix it deserves, there are still multiple series’ that could use some help and support from the well of talent in the DC stables.

Teen Titans is the obvious fix. With its impending cancellation DC has time to prep for a relaunch, but sooner would be preferable to later, for both DC and readers.
My pick
Writer: Kyle HigginsArtist: Eddy Barrows and Eiber Ferreira

This team would have one of DC’s best writers, who successfully piloted Nightwing for its entire run (a rare occurrence in the New 52) with the current Justice League of America artists. Given their style, and Higgins’ grasp of a younger hero (see Nightwing and Batman Beyond) this could be an effective pick for a relaunched Teen Titans.\

Birds of Prey could also use some new blood and a new direction. It’s decent now, but still feels like it lacks something.

My pick
Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Jason Fabok

Not only is Fabok one of the best super hero artists in the business right now, but Milligan is a comic book pro. He has written some of the absolute best books, and knows his way around teams.

Red Hood and the outlaws too could use help, sitting on the fringes of the DCU and a constant feeling of “what could have been”. DC should attempt to capitalize on fan favorite (or least favorite) robin, Jason Todd more.

My pick
Writer: John Layman
Artist: Miguel Sepulveda

While I haven’t seen Sepulveda anywhere recently, and he may no longer work for DC (because they force awesome creators like Rags Morales leave) he can definitely draw a darker and edgier book. Layman would bring much needed Bat Family expertise to the book, and the series could fully find it’s place as a gritty darker story.

Those are the three books I would look into changing the most, and with DC fixing Superman it’s only a matter of time until they try to fix something else.

What do you want to see fixed? And what non-DC creator would you like to see come to DC?

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