Shifting Sides

Last week it was announced that Doctor Who comics would be moving to Titan, officially leaving IDW sometime this year. The week before Star Wars was officially yanked away from Dark Horse to Marvel. While properties at Marvel and DC proper tend to stay there, the titles that help drive companies like Dark Horse, Dynamite, and IDW are never completely there’s. In the day in age where comic book companies are acquired to be another pocket in a big conglomerates jacket, many comic series’ appear to be sold to the highest bidder.

Hell, even creator owned properties like Angela (depending on who created her) have moved from Image to Marvel in the past year. An example of a looming threat is Boom! Studios. Their biggest hits right now are their Cartoon Network properties, what is stopping Warner Brothers from pulling the plug and dropping them in DC’s lap? The fact of the matter is there isn’t. As of now there is no reason for these companies not to be buyng and selling comic book franchises like stock. And the sooner they realize that, the sooner we as fans are doomed.

I am not trying to suggest that Marvel’s Star Wars will be bad, or that Titan comics will ruin Doctor Who comics. As a fan, I’m just saddened to see series end prematurely. Great titles are ending not because their creators or fans want them too, but because they have to be shipped off to another company. The biggest travesty in the comic book industry is when a story has to rush itself to meet some unforeseen ending. Wonderful and ground breaking books could meet their graves (and Star Wars by Brian Woods could be described as both) at a moments notice. No longer will Tipton be able to tell Doctor Who stories and now we won’t get to see what Brian Woods had planned for his Star Wars run.

The main point of what I’m trying to say is this. I find it sad that multiple companies that have done nothing but good with their titles are punished by corporate greed. Marvel and DC have their characters deadlocked which makes them immune to this problem, meaning that no other company (save Image) could really have make a stab at getting any bigger than they already are. The comic book market should be diverse for a reason. By yanking titles away from companies, we are forcing the lower income companies to compete with each other. While competitions fine, they will only make themselves smaller and smaller as the big three get bigger and bigger.

I hope this rant made some sort of sense.


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