Helping Helio-Con

So most of the weekend has had me prepare for running the More Fun booth at the Dallas Helio-Con (which isn’t really in Dallas). And while this is definitely the smallest attended Con I have been too, there is something about this event that has made the experience worth while. So while we may not be selling much for the store, my fellow venders and I have all made the day a worth while experience for each other. In addition to that, the event is better run than any con than I have been too. The staff is the friendliest I have ever seen and they are all more knowledgable about the space of the event than any staff at any prior con. The talent list here isn’t extensive, but it lacks in fame it makes up for in kindness. Rachel Caine (YA novelist of the Morganville Vampire series and the Revivalist series) has been an absolute pleasure to meet. Not only is she one of the kindest people I have ever met, but she genuinely seems to enjoy herself and what she does. Able to laugh at her own jokes, and not take things too seriously. I have stat next to two different vendors that have made the day a blast. Rhonda Eudaly is a local novelist and short story writer, and bantering with her helped make today fun and enjoyable. Additionally I have enjoyed conversing with artist Devin Kraft and hearing about what inspires him and his work (am going to have a commission done). These people alone turned what could have been a rather dull day into a worthwhile experience.

All the local cons I have been too (A-Fest and DCC) have missed one important thing. Fun. In their effort to bring us the biggest and best talent they can, they have sacrificed customer service and operate at such a hushed pace, that browsing or chatting with the talent becomes impossible. So the intimacy of the smaller con has been so much more rewarding than a large one. 

All in all, I had a tremendous time. The staff and people who have been here are all kind and love what they do. I would like them to succeed. So if you live in the Dallas/North Texas area, I encourage you to look into Helio-Con. They are already planning the next one, and with our help, they could grow into something truly awesome.


Until the next time,



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