And Winter Came

I have posted only sparingly through the course of the semester. Since then, I have seen views and readership plummet (naturally). I once sat atop an empire that I built, and I let it all slip away. But not for no reason. I have been busy trying to finish up my college career, and that’s a worthwhile endeavor.

That said, this is still the most important thing to me. Comic book culture is still my passion, and though my time has been scarce this semester, I have planned time into my schedule for my final semester. Over winter break I will begin the process of dusting off this site and updating its looks (could use a makeover no?) so that I can get back into action.

So winter came to my blog, but my spirit has not been killed. I have been working hard so that I can pursue my passions non stop. I urge more patience, but I promise it will all be worth it.

Until the next time,


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I am the Ravingnerd. I rant, rave, and discuss all matter of nerdy things. I am the nerds nerd. In addition to this, I am also a Communication's Studies Major skilled in conducting fair and unbiased research. I plan on posting continually and always nerdy, so if you stop by once, and like an article, I advise you to check in again. You can also keep up with me on a daily feed on Twitter, by following Ravingnerd.

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