A Stark Problem

Recently I went and saw Thor the Dark World for a second time. I’m not obsessive over these films, I just need to take it in twice to completely grasp the concept of the film. I have to say I rather enjoyed the film, you can read my full thoughts here. That being said, I found one large question that was left unanswered. When will Loki get used up and who will replace him? Loki, the darling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was not only the driving force behind the  first Thor film, but was also one of the most entertaining characters in Avengers. The Dark World saw Loki spinning circles around the other characters, proving that the stars of Avengers are slowly losing their luster

Now I’m not trying to say that I didn’t enjoy the second Thor, all I’m saying is the characters began to grow stale. The first film saw all of the characters vibrantly spring to life, while its sequel sees the characters. The characters undergo no changes, and do little to dazzle and inspire us. This brings to light a problem with the Marvel Cinematic Universe: When will it get old? While we have only had two post Avengers films thus far and while both were good, they did little to help further the longevity of each franchise. Iron Man 3 saw Stark’s classic nemesis The Mandarin butchered beyond recognition while Thor 2 saw an uncharismatic Dark Elf who wanted to achieve stereotypical villain goals. The point being if Robert Downey Jr and Loki are the only truly charismatic parts of their perspective movies, Marvel has a problem. Both post Avengers movies have featured no compelling story outside of the two most popular characters in the Cinematic Universe. They have introduced no new concept or character that can take Marvel to the next generation of heroes.

Marvel must stop relying on their powerful assets and start cultivating new characters and stories for the day Loki stops being entertaining. With so many awesome characters, concepts, and creators involved with the Cinematic Universe it should not have been hard to create a compelling Mandarin or a charismatic Malekith. Yet it was, and Marvel is faced with having no interesting characters outside of those featured in Avengers. For fans to continue to enjoy the films and for the franchise to continue to exist, Marvel will have to branch out into new characters and concepts. While Loki is one of their best characters, it was a misstep to leave him as the only villain in the Marvel Universe. All the Iron Man villains are gone, Malekith is gone, and chances are Ultron too will not survive his upcoming big screen debut. So while Marvel knocked it out of the park by letting Loki survive the first film, they made a huge misstep by not letting any other characters leave their films. And with no new characters being allowed to shine, Marvel’s success on the big screen may soon be at an end. Until then we will wait and see how Marvel studios handles a new villain and a new hero in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Perhaps the Falcon will be the breath of fresh air that Marvel needs?

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2 thoughts on “A Stark Problem

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I think if the recent movies focused on the film being good rather than trying to please everyone in the cinema, it would be a lot better. The Winter Soldier looks like it’s doing just that, hopefully things will pick up from then. In my opinion though, the first hour of IM3 was quality but it all started to go downhill once he left Tennessee, and Thor 2 suffered from too much flat humour, an annoying cast of scientists and too little of the other asgardians: warriors 3 and sif.

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