Who to Save the Earth?

Villains Month is finished, and Forever Evil #2 has given us more surprises than even the first issue. However, one dominant question still lingers. Who will step up and save the Earth? Many of Septembers one shots gave us a glimpse of who was in line, and who was less enthusiastic about the new world order. By combining this and what we know from issue #2 I hope to pin point exactly who will be joining the villainous revolution.

First we know that Lex Luthor and his incomplete Superman Clone (Bizarro) are getting ready to take back Metropolis. He’s the poster boy for this event, so that wasn’t a surprise. Given how the Rouges reacted in Final Crisis, it wasn’t hard to guess that they would have an issue or two, and given the tie in series “Rogues’ Rebellion” we know they will try to defend Earth in someway or another as well.

Finally Forever Evil confirms what the Black Adam one shot told us, Khandaq is controlled by no one. That adds Black Adam to the list of those willing to rebel against the Syndicate.

The big question is, who are the not so obvious villains who will join the picture and save the Earth?

For one, we know that Black Manta flat out refused the society, getting rid of his coin and generally being pissed off about them uprooting his fathers grave. So we can add him to the list of those rebelling.

Killer Frost was also disenfranchised about Firestorm being lost, and given the context of the issue, I’d bet that her involvement with the side of good would be very likely.

If we use the act of getting rid of the coin as a sign of potential rebellion against the Syndicate, then Two-Face might be a safe bet for membership in Luthor’s coup. That being said, his issue ends with him deciding to make Gotham scream.

The Grodd one shot (though not great), had Grodd leave just after he conquered the Gem Cities. We know he had been in league with the Syndicate up until that point, so was his abrupt departure and statement (I’m bored) indicative of changing sides?

Whether or not they’ll have any involvement with Luthor’s rebellion, Deadshot and Harley team up to decide and rescue Waller from Belle Reve, so we know those two characters will be fighting for good instead of evil as well.

After reviewing all the books, it is these characters that seem most likely to try to help out in a rebellion. Though there are still one big piece of the puzzle missing. Sinestro appears (and in a new costume) to be fighting along side Luthor in ever teaser image for his rebellion thus far, yet he has not been involved in the Lantern Universe for almost a half a year and his one shot shed no light on the matter, as it was set in the past. Could Sinestro be the missing piece to the puzzle? Or is he just featured on the covers to entice readers?

Those are my bets for who’ll join Luthor, which villains do you think are most likely to join the team?

Until the next time,



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