Ravingnerd Reviews: Sinestro #1

While this is technically the second first issue Sinestro has within the New 52, I will not be complaining as what would Villains Month be without him? I’ll tell you what it would be, a sad and shameful place. But fortunately we don’t have to experience a reality without a Sinestro comic. This issue features numerous surprises including the narration of Lyssa Drak, a former member of the Sinestro Corps and keeper of its history. But before I get to far ahead of myself, here is what I liked about the issue.

1. Dale Eaglesham’s art was awesome. The way the bits of the past were framed with the ornate golden construct was not only unique, but well done.
2. His very first outing as a Green Lantern had him meet a Weaponer of Quard. Something that would obviously come into play later in his life.
3. Korugar survives! Well, kind of.

Rating before reading: 8
Rating after reading: 9

As expected this book was phenomenal, what I didn’t expect was how excellent the art was. The book felt like a Lantern book, vibrant and beautiful, the green and gold constructs seemed to come to life before my eyes. In addition to this, we get a different take on Sinestro’s origin. One not told from his perspective, but from someone on the outside. Her dialogue greatly contrasted the actions happening with the art, as she praised Sinestro even as he sunk to his lowest depths. However, even at his lowest point, Sinestro still proves himself a hero despite it all. The conflict between Hal and Sinestro almost convinced me that Hal was in the wrong, the dialogue was clever enough to make me believe Hal Jordan was the bad guy. This is not only based on my deep favoritism for the character, but Matt Kindt’s brilliant script as well.

I was pleased that this book was done so well. As it appears that Sinestro has a role to play within Forever Evil, I had hoped that this book would shed some light as to why. While it didn’t do that, it still managed to be not only an entertaining but compelling read.

Though you all knew I would love this issue, it was honestly better than I had expected.

Now that Villains Month is at a close I will take the time to outline the best books of the month, and I’m dying to know which books you liked the best.

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