Ravingnerd Reviews: Bane #1

The biggest Bat-book of the week, Bane headlines a weak group of villains on this fourth week of Villains Month. What Bane has going for him is a strong sense of characterization that has been built up steadily over the course of the New 52. Additionally, this book has the mastermind of a writer that is Peter J Tomasi behind it. With all this in mind, here is what I like about the issue.

1. Bane is a hero… to some people.
2. It does a brilliant job at creating a compelling origin for the character that feels like the best of comics and newer media interpretations of the character.
3. The story was excellent, and very well done. Nothing we shouldn’t have expected from Tomasi.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading 7

This book does a great job at creating a compelling and different story for Bane. Bane can peak pretty easily as the hyper masculine and monstrous foe of Batman, and that often eclipses his brilliant mind and nack for strategy. This issue sees him use that intelligence for his own purposes as he masterminds the entire plot behind the upcoming Arkham war. While the asylum inmates have been busy carving up Gotham into their own playground, Bane has been supplying and training the inmates of Blackgate to help him achieve his goal. As savior of Gotham City. This issue elevates Bane’s desire for conquest above a desire to break people, but to be it’s savior. Tomasi adds a cult like feel, as Bane’s followers gleefully worship him and his way of life to an excessive and terrifying level. While Bane spends the entire issue making his way to Gotham (with a refreshing recap of his origins and his character on the way), his plan unfolds as Blackgate is cracked open and his army is readied. Armed with refined Venom, Bane’s soldiers promise to help Bane achieve his goal of dominance over the city. He isn’t concerned with labels of heroes or villains, the strong will inherit the Earth and the weak shall feel his fist.

Leave it to Tomasi to stave off a week of dull and almost pointless Bat-books with a terrifying and awesome tale that has direct consequences to the New 52. Bane cares nothing for the Crime Syndicate or their message, he only wishes to see Gotham become his, as he takes his place as the cities savior.

This book definitely makes me more excited for Arkham War as we finally get to see the other side of the picture.

Until the next time,



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