Ravingnerd Reviews: Parasite #1

Parasite was one of those characters I had really hoped would get a book. Though one of Superman’s lesser known villains, he is one of the most interesting as he isn’t evil. He just is addicted to feeding of Superman’s energy which puts him in conflict with the Big Blue Boy Scout. Having not appeared in the New 52 I was fascinated to see how this character would be changed and function within the new world. While this book gives us an apparent run of the mill origin story, it does a number of things excellently right. Here is what I liked.

1. Aaron Kuder is on both art and writing duties for this issue, and though the script is fine, it is his innovative panel designs that make this book shine. The use of adjectives littered throughout the book help to contrast the personal narrative of the Parasite. This is both fascinating, but incredibly clever.
2. The guy wasn’t a bad guy, but he was definitely a dick before the accident.
3. It’s not about revenge, it’s about needing to feed.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 9

This was easily one of the most surprising books in the entirety of Villains Month. Aaron Kuder’s brilliant usage of pages enhances his story like no other. This book not only feels fresh, but it feels new. As a run of the mill bicycle delivery boys, we see that the character was never a nice guy. He clearly had no concern for is job or the safety of others, as his internal monologue is dripping with ego. Once the accident occurs, we see his life crumble bit by bit. Shortly after that he goes to S.T.A.R. Labs for a check up and sure enough he turns into the Parasite and murders everyone. But what makes this character stand out from not only Superman’s villains but most villains in the DCU is his drive. He is not motivated by anger or revenge, he is motivated only by his unquenchable desire to feed. In a world with calculating and scheming villains, having a guy who is just acting on his primal instinct is a compelling and pleasant shift in the status quo. How his story plays out in the future has yet to be seen, but if it is anywhere near as fun and innovative as this story, I will be there to check it out.

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