Ravingnerd Reviews: Black Adam #1

Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates have been busy bee’s this week, writing 3 separate installments for Villains Month. I start by looking at the highly anticipated Black Adam #1. Considering Shazam and Black Adam have been written by nobody but Geoff Johns within the New 52, it is no surprise that he helps tackle the characters reintroduction into the New 52. After being vanquished at the end of the Shazam back up in Justice League proper, Shazam manages to ignite Trinity War as he scatters his Adam’s remains over Khandaq. Now that Trinity War has ended, we see a tale set just before the Crime Syndicate takes over the world. Before I get to far ahead of myself, here is what I like about the issue.

1. We get introduced to a brother and sister named Amon and Adrianna. Anyone else get excited?
2. The Son’s of Adam attempt to bring him back, as we see the myth of Black Adam fleshed out as a Khandaqi hero.
3. Black Adam is back!

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 6

This book was just a little disappointing. There isn’t anything wrong with the issue, and it does what it was meant to do, but it just feels incomplete. Again, that isn’t an issue with the writing, just how the story is set up. The book hurts from having its title character absent for so long, and the excellence of the character when he is on panel just makes readers ache for more of Black Adam. Once again, that is a testament to the character and writers, but it’s hard to handle when most of the book makes us think we’re watching the news. Edgar Salazar’s art helps to propel the comic forward, but he’s the second artist to tackle Black Adam in the New 52, and he pales in comparison to Gary Frank’s visuals.

So while this book doesn’t really do anything wrong, it fails to be as potent a story as one would hope and expect from a tale about Black Adam. While we get the seeds of the Black Marvel Family sown, the payout for the comic is way to little to feel like time was invested well. And while the last pages with Black Adam kicking ass and getting pissed off about the Crime Syndicate are awesome, it isn’t enough to make this book compelling enough to reread. Perhaps I’m being nit-picky, but the book was a major let down, made worse by how dynamic the character was in the last few panels.

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