Ravingnerd Reviews: Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins

Aside from being one of the longest named posts I have ever made it is also the last review for week three of villains month! Aside from being excited to have finally finished with the mountain of reviews, I am even more excited about the week of comics that lies ahead of us. And after I get all the reviews out of the way, I am excited to start getting some of my original non review content posted once again.

That aside, I have a review to do! Written by James Tynion the 4th and with art by Jorge Lucas, this issue is the first real time we get to see Ra’s al Guhl really interact with the DC Universe. Though the title states that the League of Assassins is involved, this issue is all Ra’s. What does the Demons Head do when the Crime Syndicate promises a new world order? Nothing. Here is what I liked about the issue.

1. Ra’s is still a boss, and his influence in the history of the DCU remains in place.
2. The Crime Syndicate offers Ra’s a spot in their new world order. Ra’s does not respond well.
3. We see Ra’s not only as a genius and master swordsman, but as a silent leader as well.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 8

This issue is really well done. Once again proving that he has the chops to operate on his own, James Tynion delivers a fantastic tale that blends new mythology into the traditional lore of the Demons Head. In a very similar style to 300 we see a messenger come and offer Ra’s a place in the Syndicate’s new world order. Instead of kicking him into a pit, Ra’s has his men murdered and he faces off with the man in a clash of swords. When Ra’s of course comes on top, the man attempts to electrocute Ra’s. Which only leads to a servant jumping in the way. Then Ra’s smirks and essentially crucifies him. With the last words of the book stating that Ra’s was intent on watching. That empires have risen and fallen around him. Ra’s cares nothing for now, he only cares for his unending empire and legacy. While he isn’t about to join Lex in saving the world, he sure as hell isn’t going to get involved with the Crime Syndicate. He’s content just to watch the drama unfold. This is the perfect characterization for the character and his response to the Crime Syndicate is priceless.

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