Ravingnerd Reviews: Lex Luthor #1

So I was going to read this issue no matter what. Lex Luthor is one of my absolute favorite villains, and I rant to the Writing Writer about it constantly because he usually fails to see Lex’s unending bad-assery. I was ultimately concerned with this issue, as the final words of Forever Evil are as far away from Lex Luthor as you could get. Yet it happened, leaving me to wonder. Is this a new status quo for Lex Luthor? The answer is definitely no. Here is what I liked about the issue:

1. This is Raymund Bermudez’ first outing with a major book at DC. Landing the Action Comics one shot involving Lex is as big a debut as you could get, and the guy definitely does not disappoint.
2. That ugly scar I have often complained about? It’s gone now.
3. He’s a boss, plain and simple.
4. Look that ego!

Rating before reading: 8
Rating after reading: 9

While I was determined to not let the fan boy get the best of me, this is arguably one of the best things to come out in the New 52. Within the scope of 24 pages we see everything wrong with the New 52 Lex Luthor eliminated, and all of his awesomeness return. This issue see’s him released from prison (the one he designed) and entering the real world, upon not seeing Superman anywhere he becomes concerned and plots to discredit the worlds greatest hero. In the mean time he returns to duties as CEO, threatens another major corporation, and demands a better battle suit. All these things unite together as his plan to discredit Superman works. A shuttle he designed hurtles from space into the residence of the businessman attempting to discredit Luthor. All in one fell swoop. The book is masterfully done, as we see that everything in his mind really does work together. We also see Lex in the lab where he is creating Bizarro, and that ties in excellently with the Bizarro issue. And no Lex Luthor story would be complete without murdering a secretary.

The real highlight of this issue though is Lex’s dialogue. While I have complained often about pointless rants, Luthor one of the few characters who you expect to rant. He is the archetypal arch nemesis. It’s his job to be an arrogant ass. This issue shows this off better than we’ve seen in the New 52. Though this took place before the stunning and heartbreaking conclusion of Forever Evil #1, I am convinced that Lex Luthor will be redeemed once again through the course of that story. And if not, then I can read this book over and over again.

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