Ravingnerd Reviews: Deathstroke #1 (again)

One of the more interesting aspects about Villains Month was that Deathstroke was getting his own first solo issue…. again. After being Liefelded his series ended quite prematurely. However, that didn’t stop him from having his own solo series that portrayed him as a mix of bad and good. Apparently the DCU wants to ensure you know he is not a good guy by giving him his own villain month issue. Written and drawn by relative new comers it was hard to imagine that this issue could match up to the fun and feel of the original Deathstroke #1. Here is what I liked about the issue.

1. Angel Unzueta’s art is a good fit for the book. It portrays the high profile action and violence a book named Deathstroke should have.
2. The story by Corey Mays and Dooma Wendschuh is intriguing as we see Slade poorly balance work and personal life, and to devastating effects.
3. References to Team 7, Resurrection Man, and more litter the book!

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 6

It was about what I had expected, though the story was unique and felt new, it was nothing we couldn’t expect or predict. We as readers all know that Slade’s son was killed in the line of duty, and we all know that the sweet and innocent Rose we see in the books turns out to be a ruthless killer for hire akin to her father. This book however brings about conflicting explanations as to how Slade lost his eye. Within this book we see him lose it while on a mission with his son, yet in the past we saw him lose it protecting Mitch Shelley (Resurrection Man) from harm in his book. That bugged me quite tremendously as I enjoyed seeing a pivotal event in his history taking place in Resurrection Man.

Aside from that, the book was an enjoyable read. However while being enjoyable it lacked the fun that made the launch of the original Deathstroke series so fun, and it lacked any real connection to the present. This book also fails to address why Deathstroke is the villain in the Teen Titans book. To my knowledge they haven’t yet come into conflict, and while Deathstroke is primarily seen fighting teenagers (seems a waste of his powers and skills) he hasn’t been their iconic bad guy as of late. Scott Lobdell has (joking of course…. kinda).

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