Ravingnerd Reviews: Black Hand #1

Once again we get to see Charles Soule spin a tale, this time revolving around one of his other projects, the Green Lantern universe. I was not at all excited about Black Hand #1. There just didn’t seem like there could be anything to tell in a one shot. We’ve gotten his origin time and time again, so what good could possibly come from a 22 paged exposition on the character? Well apparently, a lot. Here is what I liked.

1. Alberto Ponticelli is one of my favorite artists in DC’s stable, and this book should indicate why. It is dark, creepy, and incredibly well done.
2. No origin! This book is a completely new tale set during the events of Forever Evil.3. What’s scarier than a blacked out world run by super villains? Adding zombies to it.
4. Zombie training. Apparently cops do that in the DC universe.
5. The book is quite humorous, and I definitely enjoy that in a horror/villain book.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 7

Another excitingly refreshing book. We get to see Black Hand do what he does best, kill things and bring it back. The book embraces the events of Forever Evil and adds a whole new lever of horror to the book, zombies. My one real complaint with this issue is the lack of context. It felt gimmicky, the Black Lantern Ring just happened to fall to Earth at the same time all the heroes were gone? Really? Putting that aside though, and this book is extremely well done. We see Black Hand visit the funeral home where his family worked, and he gets to experience a taste of home. His dialogue is simple and forward, akin to Grundy or another barely conscious being, and I enjoyed that. We see him kill people and bring them back as his zombie slaves, we see him upset when the police (trained in zombie killing) take out his zombie horde. We also see him kill someone by utilizing that person recent vaccination. Now that’s scary. Finally we see him do what he set out to do in the events of Green Lantern, resurrect Hal Jordan’s father. Not only that, the zombie Jordan ripped off his own arm to give it to Hand. This of course gives Black Hand a new purpose. Kill Hal Jordan with his own fathers hand. Now that’s creepy. The references to hands were clever as well.

All in all, an exciting and well done read.

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