The Writing Writer: Shadow Thief#1

If anyone has listened to our podcast you’ll know how much I love the Wildstorm universe.  Gen 13 and Stormwatch got me into comics and they still hold a special place in my heart.  So you’ll understand that I was a little upset when it was absorbed into the main DC universe.   DC tends to shove their appropriated characters into the darkest corners it can find.  I was glad that the new 52 started off with some big players from Wildstorm.  But their books were short lived and now they’re pretty much gone.

Shadow Thief #1, while not the greatest book this time round, did reference a big part of the Wilstorm universe that’s apparently still kicking in the DCU, so I really appreciated that.  As a whole, the book actually wasn’t that bad.  This new Shadow Thief is interesting, looks awesome, and skirts the line between villain and anti-hero which I thought was really cool.  While there are points in the book where it’s clear she is a villain, for them most part she feels like a Punisher or Red Hood like character.  She’s got a pro-social mission that usually involves killing lots of people.  I’m excited to see the future has in store for the Shadow Thief and I hope it involves more from Wildstorm because seriously, if you’re not going to put it anywhere why did you absorb it!!!

Final Verdict: Daemonites!


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