Ravingnerd Reviews: Shadow Thief #1

This was one of those issues that was hard to get excited about, as it’s hard to care about a character that has been seen but once in the New 52. Introduced at the tale end of Hawkman’s solo run, his archenemy the Shadow Thief was reintroduced as a woman. While I enjoyed the prospect of a great interpretation of a new character, I was unsure the character would ever get the time in the spot light, especially at the end of Hawkman. Yet here she is, in her own solo book, and here is what I liked about this issue.

1. Chad Hardin’s art is both beautiful and vibrant. Though I haven’t heard of him, I definitely hope to see more of him in the future.
2. It is refreshing to see Tom DeFalco again. He was one of the architects for the New 52, and his vision definitely comes across in this story.
3. This chick is a bad ass! I can’t wait to see more of her!
4. She isn’t an alien. Just a xenophobe. Which brings its own nuanced character development.

Rating before reading: 5
Rating after reading: 7

Holy cow! This issue was fantastic! Not only is she a bad ass, but she isn’t really a villain at all. A former Israeli spy turned ARGUS agent, the new Shadow Thief came into contact with her Shadow suit as she fled from an accident that killed her family. Turns out that she was set up by a Daemonite posing to be an ARGUS agent. Having your family killed by an elaborate plan for a race of aliens disguised as humans to conquer the world is definitely enough to break someones psyche. However, instead of being broken, and lashing out with her new found shadow powers, she uses her intelligence and guile to wage a covert war against aliens. She doesn’t see herself as a bad guy, and she isn’t. It’s just she has an unfortunate unending blood lust and a grudge against Superman, J’onn J’onzz, Hawkman, and others. Despite this, she is demonstrated doing quite a bit of good with her powers, even showing concern for average citizens. The role of a xenophobe produces extremely nuanced and well done characters, just look at Legion’s Earth Man for example. A bad ass character, driven to heroics/villainy because of his hatred for aliens. This hatred for aliens, combined with her knowledge of Grifter and Voodoo, makes me wonder if she couldn’t be a prime candidate for a relaunched WildC.A.T.S which isn’t really a matter of if, but when.

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