Ravingnerd Reviews: The Court of Owls #1

Only two more left to go! Once again the Writing Writer has already discussed this, but it was too good not to share my own thoughts with you all. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since the conclusion of Scott Snyder’s epic Court of the Owls story line, but just as in the comics, the Court never truly goes away. Before I begin discussing this issue in depth, here is what I liked about it.

1. Jorge Lucas’ art is dark and moody, not only fitting for the theme of Forever Evil, but definitely creates the right mood for a book based on the Court.
2. We follow the Court backwards through time and see how powerful and influential they have been through history.
3. Did she just? Damn.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 8

This book was great. It was dark, it was moody, and it was terrifying. Not only do we see how the Court keeps themselves sane through all the chaos (it’s their gigantic ego), but we see just how ruthless they can be. It’s also fascinating to note that the Court would actually be good guys in this instance. It’s their job to keep the city under their control, with everything out of control, they must logically assume it is their job to fix it.

What’s especially cool is to see the various different Talons, from the most recent to the Gotham Butcher return. Seeing them interact with their perspective time periods is awesome, and helps make all the Talons seen in Night of the Owls a tad more significant to the overall story. The most sensational part of James Tynion’s script though is the father-daughter context of the two Court Members. The daughter couldn’t be more than 8, and already she’s a full fledged member of their society. We see that even without the Talon’s the Court themselves can be deadly as she leaps to kill the Court member guarding the tomb of the first Talon. After brutally murdering her she turns to hear father and says “She didn’t understand, did she Papa”. Only a loving parent would teach her daughter to be a cold blooded murderer. All in all this issue is well done. It’s terrifying and fascinating all rolled into one. Definitely a highlight of the week, and one of the best books in the bunch.

Until the next time, Who scares the Court of Owls?



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