The Writing Writer: Trigon #1

Next up on my round of reviews is Trigon #1

I wasn’t particularly impressed with it until the end.  There’s a sudden turn about on the reader I quite enjoyed.  It was solid writing with great art and while I doubt it’ll be winning any awards it certainly won’t be forgotten.  Still, this book kind of fails because it’s an origin story without an origin.  20+ pages of back story and exposition and we still have no idea what Trigon is; just the random stuff he’s done as he raped and pillaged his way through the universe. There’s also new narrative threads and lore introduced and with little rhyme or reason.  The biggest of these was a plot device that could very well lead to Trigons’ destruction, but seeing as this is a one shot I doubt it will ever resurface again.  Still, you never know.

To sum up, it’s a bit all over the place but probably worth reading as this is Trigon’s origin in the 52 universe and he’s not going away any time soon.

Final Verdict: Titan’s Go!


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