The Writing Writer: Lobo #1

So I actually like the old, dreadlock sporting, kiss makeup wearing, muscle-headed ass that is Lobo.  He was this great parody of the Rob Liefeld-esque hero that saturated comics in the 90’s.  He was stupid, yes, but he was funny and sometimes you just need to shake things up with a bit of the village idiot.  So I wasn’t that enthused when DC announced that they weren’t just giving Lobo a new design, they were saying that the Lobo we know isn’t Lobo at all.  Instead, we get generic anti-hero man.  I mean, Image rip-off man.  I mean…the real Lobo? 

I have no problems with Lobo #1 as a book.  It’s well written and the art is even better.  I could have used a little less thought captions (those buggers were everywhere!)  but they weren’t bad enough to take me out of the story.  My problem is that the one thing that made Lobo unique out of the entire DC universe is now gone and instead we’re left with sexy times with space murder bastard man.  Seriously, there are enough sexy sociopaths in everything now a days, let alone comics.  Lobo wasn’t the best character in the world but at least he brought his own je ne sais Lobo.  This new guy makes me think I’m reading something out of the Topcow rejection bin.  He’s not “bad” in the sense that he’s not interesting but it’s an interesting that I’ve seen before in every Image/Wildstorm/Aspen book ever.    

Final Verdict: I’m going to miss that stupid bastich. 


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