The Writing Writer: Harley Quinn # 1

Alright, now that the illustrious Ravingnerd has had his time at the podium, it’s my turn to give my opinions on some of this week’s entries into DC’s Villain Month.  First up is Harley Quinn, the surprise hit.

I love my some Harley.  I quickly fell in love with her after seeing her in the Batman animated series.  She was smart, funny, and really came into her own; growing from Joker’s arm candy to a force to be reckoned.  I was also happy with her introduction and subsequent development in comics.  Having said that, I haven’t been too keen on what I’ve seen of her in the new 52.  From what I’ve seen she’s been portrayed as a rampaging sociopath rather than the misguided schizophrenic that I was remember.  I also didn’t like the costume change as her old costume was an intentional pun that also made her stand out from the other women of the Batverse.  So imagine my surprise when I picked up Harley Quinn #1 and really enjoyed it. 

The book gave a context to the more random and violent nature to 52 Harley.  It also showed the deeper roots to her insanity beyond the whole loving the Joker and getting a face full of laughing gas.  Yes I know this time around her origins are different but you get what I’m saying.  What made this book good was that it wasn’t an origin story like most of the other Villain Month books are trying to be, it’s a coming of age story.  Every page, every detail of this comic reveals to audience the path that lead Harley to where she is now.  Even her costume becomes a narrative tool to show us the various stages to her journey of self discovery. 

With little expectation and a big payoff, Harley Quinn #1was definitely worth the read

Final Verdict: It was a GAS!   *heh*


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