The Writing Writer: Court of Owls #1

Court of Owls # 1 was great.  It was dark.  It was scary.  It gave a comprehensive history of the Court so that anyone could pick up the book and know who they were and what they did.  It gave us a better sense of Gotham than Ventriloquist #1 even though Ventriloquist is shows much more of city.  It also showed the current state of the Court.  It showed, quite cleverly, the current in fighting and paradigm splits within the organization without any heavy handed exposition or cheesy tropes.  But gosh darn it if it didn’t end on a mudder lubbin cliff hanger!

While I don’t mind cliff hangers in general, when they’re present in what’s supposed to be a one-shot I get a little peeved.  While I doubt anyone will be left hanging for very long (the Court is at the core of at least one Batman book) I still find it in bad form to introduce something more at the end of what’s supposed to be a complete story.  It’s like putting a question mark that the end of “The End” of a movie.  It’s just infuriating! So yeah, buy it, read it, and be prepared to be left wanting more.

Final Verdict: Who? Who, indeed.


2 thoughts on “The Writing Writer: Court of Owls #1

  1. This was really a Villain’s Month issue of Talon. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and while I did wish they had tied it in a little more to Batman himself and his attack on them, I greatly enjoyed what they did. I really liked that it wasn’t just an origin, but also (at least somewhat) a reaction to the recent events.
    And then there was the last page, which felt way too much like an ad for Talon. It was too much.

    • I agree. The end did feel like a, “Tune in next week for the continuing adventures of Talon!” Though I enjoyed the first arc of Talon so I’m wasn’t that upset by it. I just when they’d did an actual story rather than a prologue to something else.

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