Ravingnerd Reviews: Reverse Flash #1

Sorry for the long break everyone, and I hope you enjoyed the Writing Writers’ thoughts on a good weeks worth of comics, there will be some overlap as I definitely want to talk about some of the issues reviewed by the Writing Writer, so I shall. But first I’ll bring some fresh and new content with the Reverse Flash.

As last week’s Grodd #1 proved, the Flash universe still isn’t a place I want to be in. Many of the characters remain a far cry from what the characters I grew to love over a long period of time. But before I get to far ahead of myself, let me talk about what I enjoyed.

1. Credit where credit is due, Scott Hepburn delivered on the art. A beautiful book that matches stylistically with the ongoing Flash series, while still allowing us to see the type of creator that Scott Hepburn is.
2. The cover is one of the better 3-D covers I’ve seen so far.
3. The main character is Daniel West, so theoretically he could have a cousin or illegitimate son named Wally West. Come on! They almost have to right?

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 6

This book is alright. The art is truly wonderful, and it is a pleasure to experience. The story too is well scripted and plotted, but as I fear the problem with many of these villain month comics may be is the stereotypical villainous rant. This book is little more than Reverse Flash declaring his hatred for his father and how that makes him a super villain. In a universe with characters like Riddler, Lex Luthor, and Sinestro, “hating my father” seems like an incredibly flimsy excuse to put your powers to poor use. In addition to that, there is little to reason for the character to call himself or look like Reverse-Flash. Before it was a gimmick used by Professor Zoom and others to cause fear and confusion. Here the costume manifests itself out of no where and fashions itself in the opposite fashion of the Flash for no real reason. I understand characters need updates, but with a name like “Reverse-Flash” you expect there to be a reason behind the gimmick and name, rather than just a reason to wear a similar costume.

All in all this issue only shines because of Scott Hepburn’s art and his ability to flawlessly mimic the style of Manapul.

Until the next time, Rn


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