Ravingnerd Reviews: Killer Frost #1

DC released the issues for two of their most chilling of villains in the same week, so I thought it was only fair to review them side by side. Unlike Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost has yet to really be seen in the New 52. Despite this, her popularity and people’s knowledge about her is at an all time high given her appearance in the popular Injustice video game. Thus it seemed only natural that DC give a chance to spot light the character. I was excited about the mystery that this book presented, and took to reading it quickly. Here is what I like:

1. Derlis Santacruz is back! After seeing his beautiful work in last week’s Ventriloquist, it was rather refreshing to see him dominating another book again.
2. Though a little wonky, and out of the blue that H.I.V.E was responsible for Snow’s death and rebirth, it added a level of connection between Killer Frost and the DCU as a whole.
3. The instant attraction between Firestorm and Killer Frost is a little different now, but their hero-villain dynamic works the same.
4. She’s still human, and the dialogue at the end ensures that we see Killer Frost not as a villain, but as a woman who desperately wants to be normal again.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 7

This issue is refreshingly good. I was not expecting it to be all that great, but it delivered a wonderful performance. The book had it’s share of hiccups, but for the most part ran smoother than I ever would have expected. More power to DC to make yet another human villain, who only does what she does in order to return herself to normal. Unfortunately, only killing Firestorm can do that. Sterling Gates does a great job at ensuring we know she’s terrifying. We see her team, led by Multiplex, avoid her towards the end, mentioning they don’t want to get murdered. Finally, the last page of the issue seals the deal. We see Killer Frost in an ally by herself mourning the loss of Firestorm and her only chance at being normal. The dialogue through the issue guides the reader to know that she never had any problem with the cold, yet the last stunning piece of dialogue was “I Just…. I just don’t want to die out here in the cold”. If that isn’t enough to melt even the coldest of hearts, I don’t know what is.

Until the next time, stay cool.



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