Ravingnerd Reviews: Trigon #1

Talk about a comic no one was looking forward to! I have yet to run across anyone that was ecstatic to read Trigon #1, and I certainly was not excited to read and review it. There was but one saving grace presented at the beginning. Marv Wolfman. Comic book legend, but more important, one of the grandmasters of the Teen Titans.Sure to stop all of Tumblr’s criticisms about Scott Lobdell in its tracks. Though one of the Teen Titans’ biggest foes, Trigon has appeared quite often in the Phantom Stranger, and I can honestly say I only know his new incarnation from that series. Let’s start with what I like.

1. Perpetually arrogant, even before he was the demon lord we know now, he was an arrogant and scheming being.
2. The story shows him seeking to sire the perfect offspring, yet his three male offspring are “imperfect”, another fascinating concept.
3. The story is from Raven’s mothers point of view, as she’s enlisting someone’s help to bring him down. Whether that’s us as a reader or the Teen Titans is unclear.

Rating before reading: 4
Rating after reading: 5

This issue was no where near as dismal as I expected, and I’ll site CAFU’s art as one of the dominant reasons as to why. That being said, nothing really happens in the comic. It’s not bad, but it is far from exceptional. It just exists as a “clever” read. The book focuses on nothing but Trigon’s obsession with siring the perfect heir, and that just doesn’t make an entire issue worth of a story. Had we actually gotten to know Raven’s mother or even got some more information about Raven, this book could have been monumentally better. So while it defied my expectations, only because I had low expectations for it anyway. I’m not sure it has anything to do with Wolfman, it’s just the story itself. The writing was fine and involving, but the overall plot was dull and could not hope to keep a readers attention for very long. The only real boon it has is CAFU’s brilliance when it comes to decisive action. CAFU has long been good at drawing action sequences, and this book is no exception. The problem is the art alone isn’t enough to save the comic from the mundane. Sorry Titan’s fans, I guess you’ll have to wait longer for a version of the characters you like.

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