Ravingnerd Reviews: Mongul #1

Mongul was not an issue I was concerned with, multiple versions of Mongul have come and gone, and I have yet to really care about any of them. In fact, I think Alan Moore’s ” For the Man Who Has Everything” story was the only real time I enjoyed the character. Strange too, considering my thoughts on Moore. But I decided to go all in for Villains Month, and was excited for this issue as its artist Howard Porter, whom I am unfamiliar with, will be on art duties for Justice League 3000. So with at least a little bit of something to look forward to I read the issue, and here is what I like.

1. I will instantly give Porter the credit he deserves, this issue was rather beautifully created, to the point I was surprised by it.
2. Jim Starlin gets Mongul. Warworld is invovled, but its more than a gimmicky gladiatorial ring. It’s his empire. His entire society is based on Warworld. And we get the grand tour to boot.
3. The Black Mercy plant is back, but with a slight twist.
4. The ruthlessness of the character is something that’s been missing from multiple villain month comics. While comics like Harley Quinn and Lobo got pretty dark (more on him later), most has seemed relatively tame. Not Mongul.

Rating before reading: 5
Rating after reading: 7

Honestly, I was really shocked by the quality of this issue. Not only does it present a threatening and even convincing take on Mongul, but we get a fresh backstory that feels new and exciting. To top it all off we get a brilliant artist who masters every scene, and makes the book truly come to life. It has been a long while since a comic has absolutely shattered my expectations in a good way, and I’m glad it was with a relative throw away character like Mongul. Mongul appears in GL 23.2, which is a surprise. Traditionally he’s been a Superman villain (though I suppose the last Mongul was killed in Blackest Night). Anyway, I thought it odd that Green Lantern was his primary book, and it makes me fascinated to see what carnage he has in store for the struggling corpse.

More Villains Month coverage is right around the corner, so stay tuned!

Until the next time,



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