Cleaning House

Now that I have a day to actually post some original comment before being overloaded with 13 new books, I plan on putting multiple post worthy topics into this one. As a sort of cleaning house to ensure that my various different tops reach a post.

Firs and foremost I would like to discuss the ridiculousness with the Lobo situation. Lobo has never been considered a fan favorite character and he certainly isn’t a main character, he had his time, but like Rob Liefeld has out lived his usefulness. Keith Giffen did something with the character, and that time is over. To believe that so many people were actively upset over the revelations of the new look for Lobo is ridiculous. Characters get costume and look changes all the time, its a fact of life. To honestly expect a d-c ranked character (get it DC?) is incredibly short sighted. I for one embrace the change. I am tired of the over the top, space motorcycle riding lunatic that is best emphasized by his portrayal in the Animated Series. I’m sick of it. The character grew into some bizarrely ridiculous force, and I think it is high time it was reigned in. I am now quite anxious over this issue and cannot wait to see what the creators over at DC have in store for this character. I would also like to take a moment to express my sorrow that so many people have openly criticized Marguerite Bennett over the redesign. In the big scheme of comics, it and Lobo mean relatively little to the majority of us.

Now’s the part where I get people all hot and bothered because I’m not upset with J.H. Williams leaving Batwoman. In fact I think it is about time. I once loved Batwoman, but dropped it relatively quickly in the New 52 as the substance (or lack there of) was not enough to keep me entertained. Kate Kane grew boring, and her entire complicated life just got dull. So I gave the book up and found plenty of books that entertained me all while having relevant political messages. While DC did the wrong thing in preventing the wedding of the two protagonists, I don’t care about that either. DC has made Batwoman into the best LGBTQ hero there is. Period. There is no point into rushing into a marriage just for the sake of diversity, is there? But my big beef is the creative change itself. I for one will be trying out the new creative team, as I left Batwoman anyway. I love the character, and perhaps under a new pen, she’ll get a fresh lease on life. Which is exactly what DC intended. And ultimately, if Batwoman actually sold that well, this might not have happened. If you are going to leave the book over a creative change then you aren’t a real fan of the character. Which is fine, but that’s what DC is marketing. The character, not the creator. Creators come and go, but the characters are timeless.

This week the comic that fans desired the most was the one we had the least of The Star Wars. I got my hands on an advance issue, but just couldn’t review it. There was nothing to review. Nothing happened, you had no idea what was going on by the end of the issue and everyone looked like George Lucas. No seriously. The two main characters look like him, what’s up with that? I am sure this book would read much better in a graphic novel form, but I doubt I’ll check in with the comic again, it was just so boring. Yet that didn’t stop scores of people coming into both the comic store and game store (where I generally work) and inquiring about the book. It’s a shame we didn’t have more to sell, because it would have gone fast. Never underestimate the power of the brand.

Finally, the news that made me incredibly sad. The departure of Geoff Johns from Aquaman. His two years on the book has seen the best interpretation of the character ever done. His leaving will indeed weigh heavy on the hearts of myself and many, many other fans. Yet there is hope on the horizon. As I choose to be as optimistic as possible about new creative teams, I will choose to believe that Johns has opened the door for other creators to come in and work magic with the character. While it might never be the same (as things rarely are once Johns leaves), majority of his revitalized characters remain as prosperous and as invigorating as Johns’ take on the characters (see Teen Titans, Flash, Booster Gold, Green Lantern, Etc.).

I think that about covers my catch up with all of the new and old events, I hope you’ll stick around as Riddler, Brainiac, and Court of Owls headline this weeks villainous issues.

Until the next time,



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