Ravingnerd Reviews: Relic #1

Fresh of my review of Yertle the Turtle, er, Grodd #1 I bring you one of the biggest profile books to come out of villains month. The story of Relic. Relic has already been a major player in Robert Venditti’s new Green Lantern universe, going as far as decimating the entire Blue Lantern Corps and its power battery. Sound crazy intense? It was, and worse yet we had not yet gotten a real origin or an explanation as to why he was doing this. Jokes on us, the villains issue was just that the reason for the rhyme, so before I get too far into it, here is what I liked about this issue.

1. Rags Morales. Need I say more?
2. The Lightsmiths. In his universe (or ours?) we see similarly powered beings doing the same thing they do in ours. Blow shit up on a cosmic scale.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 6

This book honestly doesn’t have a whole lot to like. The villain is a mistreated scientist who predicts the end of the universe but is shunned by his peers (because that doesn’t sound like anyone…) when it is revealed that he was right, he can do nothing but watch his universe die (an origin we’ve had for many villains). In a turn of events though, he did not die, but was instead transported to our own. Now a giant, and with the knowledge of how to stop the “lightsmiths” Relic has taken on the task of saving our universe from the fate of his. He does so by being a giant dick and murdering everyone with a ring. He was a nice guy in the old universe who tried to find a peaceful solution to the problem, so his natural response after awakening in our universe was “murder everyone”. It just gets a little ridiculous.

If you take the character incongruities out of the picture, and in fact just don’t read it, you will be treated to one of the most visually pleasing comics I have ever read. Rags Morales already as awe-inspiring art, and this book just highlights why. The colors are vivid, bright, and feel alive. His art alone prevents the book from being a dry and pointless read, and I would recommend the book solely for his mastery of the pages within it. However if you do that, I advise you don’t actually read it.

Until the next time,



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