Ravingnerd Reviews: Grodd #1

I’m sorry, the final stretch of these reviews is getting to you a little later than I had expected, but I will bring them to you none the less! Now that’s enough monkeying around (Shut up. I’m clever) and get to it. Grodd was not one of the issues that I was not concerned with. I haven’t been reading the Flash series regularly but was involved with last years story arc that saw Grodd invade the Gem Cities. Since then he has been as good as gone, but Forever Evil has a way of bringing all of them back. With this issue we see the reconstruction of the two cities at the hands of Solovar and the Gorilla City residents. But before I get to far into it, here is what I liked:

1. I loved seeing the people working with the gorilla’s. Unlike the relationships between humans and the Atlantians, they managed to get along after the war between the two.
2. Grodd has super powers? Awesome.
3. The book had a Planet of the Apes feel. And I love that.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 5

This book fell short of expectation. Not only did the chronology and timing of the events get jumbled and lost, the character of Grodd seemed lost within his own lengthy and pointless internal monologue. All the while we see hero and villain get killed off as Grodd reenacts Planet of the Apes in Central City. Grodd proves ruthless and ensures that all gorilla’s and humans submit to him. However that’s not the only thing wrong with this issue, at points the book read like Dr. Seuss’ Yertle the Turtle. And while I love that book, that is not what I expected from such a high profile writer like Brian Buccellatto. And on top of that, rather than pulling a Yertle and trying to gain more and more power, he ups and leaves. Once he has everything he’s been after he says coldly “I’m bored” and runs off (Because he now has super speed). With the caption “To be continued in Forever Evil” I can only assume that he’ll play a significant role within the event but as to whose side he’s on is still up for debate.

All in all this was one of the more disappointing of the Villains Month issues so far, and its a shame to constantly get disgusted by the rebooted Flash.

Until the next time, “I’m yertle the turtle, ruler and master of all that I see, but I don’t see enough that’s the trouble with me”.



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