Ravingnerd Reviews: The Creeper #1

Today I bring you more villain month coverage! Both Deadshot and Darkseid proved to be outstanding with Pak and Kindt taking credit for the success of both. Both are relatively new to DC but no slouches within the industry. The Creeper however is written by now veteran DC writer, Anne Nocenti. While she’s been pretty hit and miss, Katana has stayed relatively consistent, with only a few hiccups to speak of. The new Creeper redesign seems completely in her control, and she seems to have a clear direction and path for the character. Before I discuss the issue itself, here is what I liked.

1. The beginning features a Sword clan Samurai narrating as he’s hunting down the Creeper in ancient Japan.
2. They once again mention the phrase outsider, which has been thrown around in both Katana and Green Arrow quite frequently as of late.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 5

This issue falls short of remarkable. But not without trying. A bevy of artists did some nice work on it, but the main problem with the comic is plotting. In the beginning the plot is completely from the point of view of the Outsider Samurai, however 6  pages in it suddenly shifts focus to The Creeper and spirals downwards from there. The first part of the story seemed unique: the hunter of monsters trapped in his own sword. Yet when Soultaker broke and released all the spirits we followed the path of the titular character, rather than an observant second party. What would have made this comic truly remarkable is if we had followed the spirit of that Samurai. Perhaps even see the cycle of hunter and hunted come back.

Anything had to be better than the obnoxious story we got within the comic. For the most part we have already seen Jack Ryder being an alcoholic, and we’ve already seen the new version of the Creeper be uncharismatic and uninteresting. This comic is no different. You feel nothing for Jack Ryder, you feel nothing for the Creeper, you simply want it to end. And when that relief finally comes, it felt like a long time coming.

While I’m a fan of the original Creeper, I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about the drastically altered redesign. But so far it has not proved to be something that fascinates me or possess the potential to do so. While I like and support Anne Nocenti, this comic was a definite miss and a waste of potential on all accounts.

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