Ravingnerd Reviews: Deadshot #1

I have had many issues with Deadshot in the New 52. Up until just recently the Suicide Squad was poorly done, his character is still vastly different from the one we grew to love in Gail Simone’s Secret Six, and just as a whole he’s felt like an empty shell (pun intended). And with Ales Kot leaving only three issues after revitalizing, refreshing, and reinvigorating, I was naturally pretty skeptical about the future of the franchise and more specifically the character of Deadshot. While the art of Sam Basri and Keith Champagne was surprisingly awesome, the real hero of this book is Matt Kindt. For anyone who’s read Mind MGMT, you know that Kindt can tell a story and tell it well. Just as I mentioned in my review for Darkseid, Matt Kindt is one of the creators that is going to assume the new world order in DC post September. And for very good reason. But first, what I liked about the issue.

1. The holographic cover for this is particularly exceptional. While most are fun, the experience is definitely enhanced for this one.
2. He’s up to his usual tricks. Floyd isn’t a bad guy, he’s just a gun for hire.
3. We see that Waller is still alive, and the beginnings of what proves to be awesome: The Aftermath for villains month.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 8

This comic was phenomenal, and it hinged almost entirely on Matt Kindt’s grasp of the character. We see Deadshot as almost a hero. His internal monologue and actions don’t fit the term evil that has been throwing around. In fact, in a world without heroes, it is hinted that Deadshot may fill the immense void left behind. However what’s most beautiful about this issue is his new relationship with Amanda Waller. Within Suicide Squad she has always controlled them with fear and neck explosives. That prevented a real relationship from developing between the characters. The moving thing about Secret Six was the relationships between all the characters. Matt Kindt recaptures that magic and brings it again for this generation. I really enjoy the end of the issue, which quite possibly sets Deadshot up as a hero in a world full of villains.

I’ve got more villains month reviews coming in the very near future.

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