Ravingnerd Reviews: Darkseid #1

All embrace the Anti-Life! Hello everyone and welcome to just one of many, many reviews over the villain month issues. Darkseid was my first pick to review, as he’s the biggest baddest and most threatening villain on this week’s list.

Greg Pak is no newcomer to comics, but he’s still a relative novice when it comes to DC and the New 52, yet he has no problems grasping the feel and scope of one of DC’s most prolific and threatening villains. The art was another great thing about the book Paolo Siqveira and Netho Diaz. I was shocked that two high quality artists such as them, have missed my field of view for so long. And yet, that’s what this month is all about. New talent. So here is what I liked about the issue.

1. The relationship between Darkseid and High Father. It’s been updated and fleshed out for another generation. And let me say, it was beautifully done.
2. Once again, the art was great. Truly fantastic.
3. Holy crap, the Ultra-Humanite is back!

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 7

This comic was really well done, and immensely pleasing. I hope to see this dynamic art duo again, and we all know that Greg Pak will be quite present in the post villains month DCU. If this is any example of the quality of books that is coming out this month, then we are in very good shape. Pak takes the task of a massive step towards being a new member of DC’s stable by brilliantly creating the origin of DC’s biggest bad guy, and the forefather for the somehow-popular Thanos. Not only that, Pak adds a level of humanity to the God of Evil and his rival. After we see all the monstrous actions taken by Darkseid, Pak throws the audience for a loop. With our greatest heroes lost or worse for the next few months, Pak reminds us why they are the greatest heroes. He shows that Darkseid was set up. That he was led to Earth only so that he could experience failure. In such dark times for DC, a quick reminder that the greatest heroes are indeed the greatest heroes is a refreshing and welcoming reprieve from the awesome dirge of evil that awaits us for the next few months. Stay tuned, for more villains month coverage, and please let me know what books you liked and why!

Until the next time, EMBRACE THE ANTI LIFE!



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