Ravingnerd Reviews: Forever Evil #1

Greetings everyone, thanks to a neat set of circumstances I was able to read the full first issue of Forever Evil #1. This is a spoiler free blog! While I might make a quote or two I will not spoil any part of the plot. While being massively hyped, rather little is known about it. At the end of last week’s Trinity War Part 6 we saw the villains of the Crime Syndicate take over the world. With the heroes of the world now “dead” the Crime Syndicate has organized all villains to hear their message “this world is theirs”. This comic was naturally well drawn as David Finch is definitely on top of his game with this one. What’s more surprising though is the quick pace that the villains unleash all other villains from prison. Superwoman even mentioned how odd it was to see a prison. So before I get to far ahead of myself, let me talk about what I liked.

1. All the villains are done so well. We get little glimpses of all these major villains and Geoff Johns masterfully does each and every one of them, with one caveat. The Riddler, Bane, Two Face, Penguin, Grodd, Killer Frost, and even the Rogues were exceptionally well done.
2. The Rogues reminded me of the Rogues of old. Though now souped up on obnoxious meta-human powers, Captain Cold and the Rogues’ personality and actions regarding this new world order remain skeptical, the exact response I had hoped from them.
3. One of my absolute favorite heroes and idols is mentioned. In a fairly big way. A certain character that hasn’t been seen in the New 52, and was all but loss.
4. Nightwing has long been teased as a major part of Forever Evil, and while I can’t comment on why, I don’t think he’ll be a major point for much longer. As Owlman’s sinister statement promised to hunt down all the heroes and end them all, Nightwing’s career may be over. But I’ll leave you to read that all tomorrow to see.

Rating before reading: 9
Rating after reading: 9

What? You all knew I was going to love this issue going into it. I’m a DC guy, so there was really no question that my mouth was going to water over all the goodies in this issue. I will however discuss the one flaw with the book. That of Lex Luthor. Who is shown just getting out of jail and getting things back into order for Lexcorp and himself. However, he is faced with the outset of a new world order, and his response to the situation is a very nontraditional response. Instead what we see his far more shocking and hopefully not a reversal of the character. Obviously future Forever Evil and the Lex Luthor comic will have to come out this month, but as of now I’m having a hard time accepting the characters response to the situation. Tomorrow you will see what I mean.

I’m sure glad to be back doing reviews, and am so pleased that I get to post my thoughts on the issue before the rest of the big sources. That is truly pleasing to me. Please let me know what you think of the issue once you get it.

Until the next time, Semper Malum



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