Going All In

Hello all! We are just a day away from one of the greatest moments in modern comics: Villains Month. While on the outside, what can be seen as a blatant sales gimmick is in reality one of the most genius uses of creative talent and time DC could ever do. While 52 villains are getting the spotlight in their own issues, the real spotlight shines on the droves of new talent DC is using for the event. Most every book as relatively unheard of artists and writers. Some of whom have been groomed by the best, and others that remain relative mysteries to us. Of course fan favorites such as Lemire, Johns, and Snyder will all have their say, but never before have so many new voices had a chance to catch our ear. While I am obsessed with the villains of DC, and particularly excited about more than half of the issues being released this September, I found my self increasingly enticed to read all 52 villain titles. Not because I care about all 52, but because I am fascinated by the over arching roll call DC is doing with the month. The best way to discover your favorite writers and artists is to read them along side other readers and artists. Much like I did at the inception of the New 52, I plan on doing here.

As a fan I’d expect many of you are already planning on picking up your favorite villains, but for those of you skeptical of the gimmicks and “event feel” of the books, I urge you to reconsider. Browse through the pages, and pick some that look well written or well drawn. By doing so, you are helping DC select who to groom up to be the next super star, and in an industry dominated by high profile creators, DC is giving the power to the new comers, and letting the fans decide who stay’s and who goes.

I’ll be undertaking the financial endeavor both for myself and as a fan of DC. I’d go to great lengths to catch a glimpse of the talent that DC has been cultivating, and now they are presenting it to us for all to see.

What does this mean for you? A hell of a lot of reviews, expect coverage of every single villain month issue. It might not be timely, but I guarantee that my thoughts on every one of this weeks comics will be out by a week from now.

So sit back and enjoy as villains inherit the Earth.

Until the next time,



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