The Trinity of Trinity War

Well that was a doozy! I’ll go ahead and say now that this has fairly major spoilers for Trinity War, and if you haven’t read it I’ll advise you to stop now if you’re worried about it.

First things first. All the Trinities threw us for loops. The trio of Justice League’s, the triumvirate of sinners, and even the trinity of heroes had nothing to do with the “Trinity”. All played major parts in the event, for sure, but who could have prepared themselves for this? Since we first met the Outsider last month, I discussed quite heavily my theory that it could be Alfred. And I wasn’t wrong. It just wasn’t the Alfred we were expecting.

As we are going to be missing out on all of our favorite heroes for the month let’s keep tabs on what they are dealing with in addition to the onslaught ushered in by the Crime Syndicate:

Superman has a shard of Kryptonite in his head
Cyborg is near death with all of his cybernetic parts forming the evil Grid
Pandora’s box forced all of our heroes to beat each other to a pulp
Billy Batson is still evil
Baz is occupied trying to keep Vic alive
Phantom Stranger is still lost in the after life
Oh yeah, and the Atom is evil and responsible for killing Doctor Light

That’s a lot to handle without having to face your fully energized evil counter parts.

No wonder the Earth has to be defended by its greatest villains!

So join me as the world plunges into darkness, and evil must take on evil for the sake of the world. Regardless of the outcome, dark times are ahead.

Let me know what you think of the issue, and what villain issues will you pick up?

Until then, Rn


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