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This week on Web.Comics.Info I’m introducing you, dear reader, to Two Guys and Guy

319 – Spree

TGG is a gag a day strip done by Rickard Jonasson that focuses on the lives of Wayne, Frank and Guy  three people on the lower end of the decency scale.  Wayne is your typical non-directional whiny 20-something who spends most of his time being the butt of everyone’s jokes.  Guy is a violent redhead who’s more masculine than most guys you’ll meet and has little patience for the things called people.  Frank is a mystery.  He’s a sociopath, or a super genius, or something altogether different, or all three!

TGG is pretty funny but it’s a sort of an abusive kind of humor that, for me at least, tends toward being mean more than being funny.  The jokes usually come at the expense of one of the characters, Wayne, it’s almost always Wayne, or they’re dark or cynical.  Basically this is a funny strip, but it’s certainly not something that’ll brighten your day, unless it’s your cup of tea.  Personally I think TGG is a good strip but it’s something I check out every now and again.

Final verdict:  An acquired taste.

Two Guys and Guy updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Till next time I’m The Writing Writer


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