Ravingnerd Reviews: Larfleeze #1

The weekend is over, and my binge celebrating over my promotion has ended. So while this post might be just a tad late (try a week), I have compiled my thoughts on Larfleeze #1. As most of you know, I am not a big fan of humor comics. Comics like Deadpool sicken and annoy me while characters like Lobo infuriate me (for more reasons than just 90’s comic hate). So having DC’s current king of camp get his own series made me a tad anxious. While I have always advocated the expansion of the Lantern universe, I had hoped that it would be elsewhere, even though Larfleeze seemed like the logical choice. But Giffen seemed like the right choice, especially if paired with DeMatteis. Both responsible for the well mixed humor and drama JLI series that made my favorite character who he is today…. or was. If he hadn’t died. And then been erased from continuity…. So without further set up, here is what I liked about Larfleeze #1.

1. Origin…. kinda. While Larfleeze begins to discuss his origin in this issue, it is different than his slave remembers from the last time. Indicating that Larfleeze just makes up brash exciting stories because he can.
2. It is funny, but adds nice touches of action and sentiment to ground the humor that drives the book.
3. It felt organic. It was hilarious and yet felt like an organic comic. A credit to the books two creators no doubt.

Rating before reading: 5
Rating after reading: 7

This was a genuinely pleasant read. I was surprised that the humor didn’t eclipse the emotional and dramatic integrity of the book, as humor books generally tend to now a days, and am surprised that I actually do want to read more of this series. It was also a nice contrast to his villainous appearance in all of the new Lantern books (all of which have been top notch thus far). Larfleeze #1 stands as a bit of a sleeper book I feel, not as big as this weeks other big release (Batman/Superman) and while not as good, blew away my most optimistic expectation for the book. So if you get the chance, head on down to your local comic book store and pick it up. I hope you will be as pleasantly surprised as myself.

Until the next time, MINE!!!!!!




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